How to Write a Thematic Essay: Outline and Examples

How to Write a Thematic Essay: Outline and Examples

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Even though a lot of students don't like composing papers, it is an essential task that is usually assigned to learners. Thematic essay writing, as well as any comparison, reflective or definition types of essay, needs undergraduates to pick a particular topic, explore it, and develop the thesis statement. Also, they ought to analyze their findings and develop particular outcomes that should also be presented in a paper. Indeed, the conclusion should be logical. According to the thematic essay definition, it also has to be supported by strong arguments or connections found in some facts.

This type of academic task has a few aims. For starters, it helps students learn how to research and analyze information from different sources. Also, this academic task forces them to think critically and gain skills. Students learn to express themselves properly and create compelling papers by utilizing good transition words for essays and eliminating tautology. At the same time, tutors use the assignments submitted by learners to check their skills. They examine the way students present their thoughts, evaluate evidence, and pay close attention to the quality of writing.

How Do Tutors Check Thematic Essays?

Since the primary goal of every student is to get a submitted assignment scored by a top grade, you need to know what tutors pay attention to, examining papers. It will help you discover how to write a thematic essay that matches the highest standards and meets all the requirements. Consequently, an instructor won't have any other choice than to score your paper by an A.

The first thing tutors do is screen an assignment to spot any grammar mistakes and incomplete sentences. Then, they check the level of plagiarism in writing submitted by students. Therefore, it's vital to compose essays that contain zero typos and matched content to get a top grade. Further, tutors perform a deeper analysis of an academic task. They evaluate the value of a picked topic and the ability of students to establish information by examining a paper's structure. Therefore, it's important to create a well-thought-out essay outline.

Tutors also pay close attention to the way undergraduates gather and analyze information. If you want to impress your instructor, you have to keep all the sentences and paragraphs connected. Don't be shy to present examples, draw parallels between different facts, and utilize analogies to make your writing easy to understand. Tutors highly appreciate unforeseen twists and concussions. Finally, they check a thematic essay format to ensure that the submitted assignment matches all the requirements.

Thematic Essay Writing Guide

Even when students know the crucial points that tutors pay attention to, they still have many problems examining their papers. If you don't know how to start and finalize your assignment, the instruction below will be helpful. It's unique and is applicable for all types of thematic essays that can be assigned to students. So feel free to scroll down and follow the guide even if the question, "How to write a thematic essay for global history?" bothers you. By following all the steps, you will create a unique and excellent assignment on any topic with no hassle. 

Pick an Interesting Topic

Indeed, a title is a baseline for any paper. Therefore, it's vital to choose a compelling topic that will keep readers engaged. Before picking a problem to review, you need to consider the audience and the subject. It should match your field of study and be interesting for people who will read it. Therefore, if you're a STEM student, you should choose a science and technology thematic essay. If you study social sciences, you should pick a problem related to the relationships and behavior of people.

The first step in picking a good topic is to recall your personal experience. Spend some time trying to recall everything you learned about a particular subject and recall the most interesting issues or reviewed cases. Don't forget to write down all the ideas that arise in your mind. Further, you will be able to pick the best one. If you can hardly come up with some stunning ideas, feel free to gather your friends and brainstorm together. Besides, you can surf the Internet to find some interesting thematic essay topics.

Create an Outline

Since a perfect paper has to be well-structured, you should create a thorough outline before writing your assignment. Using a plan, you will compose an interesting assignment and won't miss any important detail. A lot of students consider outline composing as a waste of time. However, it has the opposite effect. With the help of an outline, you won't be stuck writing your assignment. Consequently, you will write without any interruption that will help you tackle the task fast.

This type of essay has a five-paragraph structure that comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion. It answers the question, "What is the general structure of a thematic analysis essay?" The body part has to imply three paragraphs to help readers take a deep dive into a reviewed problem. There is nothing to be afraid of if you don't know the general structure of a thematic analysis essay. An outline has the form of a number list with subheadings. They help present the hierarchical structure. Feel free to check an example of a plan below.

Topic: The Causes of World War First

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening sentence: state that there were no major military conflicts for more than 70 years in the world before WW1. 
    2. Background information: briefly tell about WW1 that began accidentally and took millions of lives. 
    3. Thesis statement: a large number of circumstances combined lead to one of the cruelest and deadliest wars in history. 
  2. Essay Body
    1. Paragraph 1:
      1. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand is primarily and the official reason for the beginning of WW1.
      2. Why was his death so important?
    2. Paragraph 2:
      1. Mutual military alliances as a follow-up reason.
      2. Tell about the reasons all countries had to ally up before WW1.
    3. Paragraph 3:
      1. Imperialism and the development of new weapons as the main unofficial reason that led to WW1.
      2. Tell about the desires of most countries to expand their spheres of influence.
  3. Conclusion:
    1. State the main causes of World War 1, both official and unofficial. 

Compose the First Draft

When a thorough outline is created, you need to start writing a thematic essay. The first paragraph is the introduction. It should begin with an opening sentence. Its primary aim is to hook the attention of readers and force them to explore our paper. Following, you should provide some background information to help readers understand the reviewed issues. The last sentence has to be your thesis statement that shows the main idea.

The body is the main part of a paper that implies three paragraphs. Each of them has to be related to a particular idea. Nevertheless, all of them have to be connected. If your outline is composed properly, the only problem you may face is developing transition sentences to connect them and make the flow smooth. The conclusion is the final part. There, you need to restate your thesis statement and summarize your writing. However, if you want your essay to be remarkable, include a hook that will force readers to explore the issues in more detail.


When the first draft is finished, it's advised to take a break to refresh your mind. Feel free to do some exercise or take a bite. After a short leisure session, you need to review your writing thoroughly. Make sure that it implies zero incomplete sentences and is easy to read for the general audience. Eliminate any possible typos and grammar mistakes to make your academic task error-free. Also, you have to make sure that there are no pieces of matched content. Even if you write a political systems thematic essay that may imply a lot of definitions that are hard to restate, you need to make your paper 100% original. Otherwise, you will experience serious problems and can be dropped out of college. 

Helpful Tip for Thematic Essay Writing

There is nothing wrong if you face different issues, trying to create a unique and impressive paper. There are many useful guides online that can help you overcome any possible obstacles and guide you on the Internet. For instance, if you're short on time, feel free to use online tools like a grammar checker and a thesis statement generator. Also, you can find a reliable essay composing platform and request professional writing assistance in a few clicks. By ordering a paper online, you can delegate your homework to skilled writers and relax. They will compose an essay that meets all the requirements and your expectations.