How to Write a Good Definition Essay Outline: Example

How to Write a Good Definition Essay Outline: Example

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Writing academic papers is a mandatory step for receiving a degree in a chosen field. Composing definition essays is one of the traditional types of assignments you are likely to face during your studies. However, not all learners can compose an astonishing paper on a proposed topic within the shortest terms. If you would like to know more about this type of assignment, we are here to help. How to create a readable and concise essay? What are the basic prompts for creating a brilliant and impressive definition essay outline? Find all the answers below. 

Definition Argument Essay Outline: Top Things You Need to Know 

The first thing we will need to begin with is to clarify the core concepts of a definition essay. It is an academic assignment that requires developing a broad definition of a particular subject. Not many students know that choosing a topic that covers a large number of facts and arguments will not help you compose a winning paper. It is better to pick up terms with a wide range of various aspects you can discuss. 

As a rule, you are expected to determine the notion to write about in your paper.  Not only will you need to represent the basic definition of the subject, but you should also come up with a few other specifications of the same topic. 

Types of Definition Essays

This type of academic assignment focuses on describing a particular concept that can be split into several categories.

Abstract Notions

This category includes feelings and emotions, like love, friendship, envy, hate, and pride. 


This includes an advanced description of a park, neighborhood, city, or state. You need to write only about a place you know perfectly.


These are topics about good and evil, past and future, and other concepts. The students need to explore the features and characteristics of a chosen notion. 

What is the easiest option from these three categories? Most students believe writing about abstract notions is more flexible and straightforward. However, you can choose any according to your individual preferences or stick to the guidelines offered by the professor. 

How to Conclude a Definition Essay

If you decide to write an academic paper by yourself, you need to compose a plan. It will frame all the essential parts of your essay and make your writing process more effective. The secret tip for creating a winning outline is to meet the basic requirements of the traditional essay’s structure. If you fail to introduce a precise structure, you will not get the highest grade for your assignment. Moreover, the audience will find your paper unclear. 

If you are searching for an extended definition essay outline, it might be better to create an essay that can be logically divided into several parts:

1. Introduction

  • the main definition;
  • additional statement;
  • thesis statement.
2. Body paragraphs
  • the point at issue;
  • advanced analysis;
  • additional data;
  • switch over to the next point.
3. Conclusion
  • thesis statement described in different words;
  • a brief summary of the chosen definition and ideas;
  • final sentence. 

Composing an Outline 

How to write a definition essay outline? To compose a winning solution, it might be great to follow these simple rules. By the way, these tips also apply to thematic and comparison essays, capstone projects and other types of papers.

Explore the Guidelines Beforehand

One of the key prompts for successful writing is understanding the requirements of your academic assignment. The guidelines for composing essays might appear a bit different in different colleges. Therefore, it is better to explore the instructions shared by your professor. The information available in the guidelines usually include the word limit for your academic paper, the formatting style, and a list of topics you can choose from. 

Pick Up a Topic Wisely

It is important to pay extra attention to choosing a theme for your academic paper. We recommend picking up a topic that is interesting for you. This way, the writing process is likely to become smoother and less stressful. Moreover, determine the niches you can freely share with the audience - avoid writing about something too personal. When choosing a topic about abstract notions, you might come up with a couple of your definitions, but avoid going too far - you are composing an essay but not a diary. 

Furthermore, it is not recommended to select too complicated topics that might seem too complex for the readers. Keep your essay comprehensive and top-notch. 

Collect All the Necessary Data 

Now, it’s time to do advanced research. You will need to collect a bunch of various definitions of the chosen concept. Avoid describing only one notion - it is vital to come up with several alternatives. Don’t forget to use only reliable and credible resources, such as dictionaries and online libraries. As a result, you will get several interpretations that can be reflected in your academic paper. 

Begin Your Writing With a Powerful Introduction 

This is the right place to introduce your topic to the readers. You are expected to add these logical blocks to your paper:

  • the basic definition of the chosen concept;
  • origin/history of the term;
  • striking thesis statement. 

If you include all these elements in your paper, you are likely to come up with a winning introduction and boost your chances of getting high scores for your assignment. 

Work on the Body Paragraphs 

This part is the heart of your definition essay. Make sure to represent all the discussions, additional concepts, the results of the analysis, and other necessary information in the essay’s body paragraphs. The basic structure of a good-written paragraph might be as follows:

  • advanced overviews of the topic;
  • definitions with fitting examples.

Don’t be afraid to come up with broad explanations of the selected concepts. The definition essay is developed exactly for these purposes. Moreover, make sure to gradually take the reader to the conclusion when writing the last paragraph of your essay’s body. 

Summarize Your Thoughts in a Conclusion 

Here comes the final section of your academic assignment. According to the basic writing rules for composing a definition paper, it is good to reflect these points in your conclusion:

  • simple summaries of the most important points;
  • thesis statement (restated option);
  • the verdict. 

If you would like to get the highest grade for your assignments, your paper’s conclusion should be a natural ending of your essay and fit it for 100%. For these purposes, avoid including any new facts, ideas, concepts, or examples at the final stage of your writing. For maximum effect, sum up your essay with the closing words. 

Example of a Good Outline for a Definition Essay 

If you would like to know how a common outline for a definition paper looks like, it might be great to explore an example below. By the way, the topic of our sample paper outline is friendship. 


While different cultures define the concept of friendship in a different way, most agree that it is a positive and broad term that has been present in human relationships since the dawn of time. 

The First Topic Sentence

While the ancient Greeks, Chinese, and other cultures approached friendship in various ways, they also shared many similar views towards this concept.

The Second Topic Sentence

The denotative definition of friendship contains 6 noun definitions and 3 verb definitions, representing the complex nature of friendship as a concept. 

The Third Topic Sentence

Modern society considers friendship as a powerful interpersonal relationship that fuels the connection between people. 


Friendship impacts numerous spheres of your lives and remains one of the powerful feelings since the beginning of time.

What if You Need Help With Your Assignment? 

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