How to Remove Plagiarism From a Document: 5 Steps to a Plagiarism-Free Paper

How to Remove Plagiarism From a Document: 5 Steps to a Plagiarism-Free Paper

Published by on 2021-06-11 16:28:22

Have you ever faced plagiarism? If you are a student, you have had to rewrite your papers at least once. What is the reason for such a problem? How to hide plagiarism and not worry that your grade will be very low? For many people, this becomes a real challenge. The fact is that Turnitin and other plagiarism checkers use the "shingle method," which analyzes the number of matches for words and phrases. The percentage of keywords is also very important. But let's not get into technical details. Here are five helpful steps to help you get rid of originality issues.

Five Steps on How to Get Rid of Plagiarism

1. Keep Track of Your Sources

Let's say you've started writing an essay or research paper. You will most likely be using trusted sources on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with copying parts of the text from different sites, as an example. But don't forget to remove the copied text from your document. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing a lot of problems. How to avoid plagiarism? Here are some effective steps:

  1. Copy the text you need.
  2. Highlight it with some color or make a mark.
  3. Rewrite the original text or create a new one.
  4. Delete the copied text.

As you can see, it is very simple. The problem is that many students are overconfident. But how can you remember the original if you've copied paragraphs from a dozen sites? If you are not careful, you run the risk of leaving entire paragraphs unchanged. Most likely, your professor will not be happy about such an oversight.

2. Write Your Paper From Scratch

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But your professor is unlikely to appreciate your efforts if you openly copy entire sentences from other texts. Sometimes even rewriting individual paragraphs can be useless. It's best if you start from scratch. Open several trusted sources. Highlight the key aspects that are important to your paper.

Try to create a unique structure and not be guided like any samples. There is nothing wrong with using someone else's paper as a template. But all thoughts and the sequence of your research must be original. Then you don't have to ask anyone, "How to remove plagiarism from a document?"

3. Paraphrasing Matters

Paraphrasing can be very useful if your topic is very tricky and you can't write from scratch. Many people mistakenly think that it is enough to replace a few words with synonyms or slightly change the construction of sentences. This technique only works if you completely rewrite each paragraph in your own words. Here's an example to help you make a difference:

  • Original Text

The ecological situation in the Pacific Ocean has reached a critical level in recent years. According to a 2019 World Environmental Congress study, humankind throws out more than 100 million tons of garbage annually. This problem was compounded after The Queen Elizabeth tanker was wrecked in a storm. More than 350 thousand barrels of oil have polluted about 10 square kilometers of the water surface. Elimination of this disaster will take at least three months and about $12 million.

  • Paraphrased Text
Humanity is negligent in preserving the environment. Over the past decade, countries have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of waste into the ocean, killing animals, birds and disrupting the ecological balance. The rapid pace of ocean pollution was recorded by the World Environmental Congress back in 2019. Since then, such giants as the United States, Russia, and China have only exacerbated the situation. The Queen Elizabeth tanker has become a particular problem for the Pacific Ocean. As a result of the shipwreck, a huge amount of oil created a film on the water's surface. Such an incident could have fatal consequences for the environment.

As you can see, some facts can be mentioned indirectly or paraphrased. Pay attention to the type of assignment and requirements. Typically, you can rearrange the structure of your paragraphs, summarize some data, and describe certain situations in your own words.

4. Use a Plagiarism Checker

The main problem is that you cannot be completely sure of the originality of your assignment. But you can remove plagiarism online for free. How to do it? It would be nice if Turnitin were available without a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, this service is not available to absolutely everyone for free. But you can find quite a few free plagiarism checkers. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Copy your text.
  2. Paste it into the text box.
  3. Start text processing.
  4. Wait a bit.
  5. Take a look at the result.

Typically, most services highlight plagiarism so that you can rewrite or paraphrase individual sentences. Take a look at the number of repeated words. Sometimes plagiarism checkers consider excessive use of keywords and phrases to be plagiarism.

5. Don't Include Long Direct Quotations

Sometimes, students are forced to add quotes to substantiate their point of view or prove the research's correctness. There is nothing wrong. The problem is that long direct quotations are a direct road to plagiarism. Ask your professor if you can add someone's statements without editing them first. Let's say you cannot substantiate your point of view without using quotations

Then how to correct plagiarism in your paper? Everything is very simple. Don't use original text. Of course, you need to indicate the original source. But try to rewrite the quote in a way that makes your paper original. Try not to follow the structure of the original sentences. Please read the text and rewrite it keeping in mind the meaning of the original quote.

What Is the Main Reason for Plagiarism?

As a rule, students are always in a hurry because the number of assignments is too large. Try to set aside at least 30-50% more time to make possible editing or rewriting individual sentences. Then you don't need to make decisions quickly. Typically, students are not prepared for long periods of stress. Try to find a time when no one will distract you. Then you will not miss important aspects and will not forget to delete the samples that you downloaded.

Here's another lifehack for you. If you are faced with plagiarism and cannot improve your text, then you should pause. Relax or sleep. You might want to watch a comedy, play video games, or take a walk with friends in the park. Try to divert your attention to some enjoyable activity. Return to your paper in a few hours or the next day. Then you will be full of energy and will be able to rewrite all sentences that may not be unique.