Free-Write About Family

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Date:  2021-03-19

My family is composed of five members and we live in a simple modern apartment in California. My mom is called Ruth, she is blonde, loving and the most caring person I have come across in my life. My mom is quite knowledgeable, she speaks English, Kiswahili, and Spanish and she is a psychology tutor by profession and I have often thought her profession is the reason behind her understanding nature. She is beautiful and her body has exquisitely contoured no wonder we like looking at her because she walks like a model with no effort at all. My dads name is Sammy. He is half British and half American and is an army commando in the United States of America. He has an American height and admirable bodies physic, despite his strength and built up muscles, he is a very humble and kind man. We all love him dearly and he has a sense of humor and gives us stories that keep us entertained every time he is around. My younger brother Lawrence is more built and has a physic like our dads, he is very serious and is in love with sports especially football and athletics. My sister Clare is a very serious lady pursuing medicine and takes no nonsense at all. At home everyone forgets his or her profession and we have fun tickling each other and making fun of one another. We are one big happy family and I pray to remain that way all my life. My family gives me a good picture of how a happy and healthy family should be and it is an epitome of the family setup envisaged in the bible where love is paramount.

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Part II

My choice to write about families evoked all happy memories I have of my family set up at home, the memories came without my control I just felt words flowing as memories continued to play in my mind creating a picture of the family relations and together at home. Every time I think about the word family a picture of a perfect family comprising of a mom and dad and several kids flashed through my mind. This phenomenon is followed by joyous memories of my family which is filled with love and care.

These thoughts about my family are ingrained in me and no matter how I try to fix bad thoughts about my family my efforts are futile. This phenomenon dictates that thoughts about my family are beyond my conscious control and are bound by the environment and relations that exist between me and my family members. The thoughts that dictate how I perceive my family is beyond my control because they came to be as a result of the physical eventualities I encounter in my family set up and thus it is impossible for one to foster negative thoughts when there is no negativity in the family.

The thoughts that guided me as I developed the free-write about my family are an example of involuntary memory. Involuntary memory arises from everyday mental functioning which is comprised of the occurrences one endure and meet with on daily basis. The interactions and occurrences happening daily between me and my family members dictate the thoughts and perception I have about my family. Thus it is evident that my thoughts present a perfect example of involuntary memory.

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