Personal Essay Example: My Personal Strengths

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Date:  2021-04-12

I believe that since life is full of experiences, it is crucial to realize our top strengths as everyone possesses aspects that make them distinct. In my view, personal strength involves areas that people excel and display above-average skills. More so, the fact that everyone brings forth new attributes and aspects to the table necessitates one to discuss their personal strengths. Thus, this paper will elaborate my top five signatures, which play a great deal towards becoming a well-rounded person.

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To begin with, one of my top strengths is belief, implying that I possess core values that are sustainable. They affect my behavior in certain ways, such as availing the meaning and satisfaction of life as well as the provision of direction. Secondly, I also embrace positivity, which has built my confidence in each circumstance. Therefore, I usually strive to find various ways to make every situation exciting and crucial. For this reason, people desire to be close to me always as my enthusiasm greatly inspires them. Thirdly, I am a developer. I enjoy seeing potential in my colleagues. In addition, it enables me to interact with others purposely to assist them experience success in one way or another. Furthermore, I also consider myself as a deliberator. This theme facilitates my understanding of the world as an unpredictable place. In this regard, I am always careful with my moves. Being a deliberator has molded me to become a unique person who approaches life situations in a private manner. Lastly, I view myself as a relator. This theme is crucial as it moves me towards the people I already know. More importantly, it describes my attitude regarding various relationships. At the same time, it portrays my greatest desire which is to understand peoples feelings, objectives, and worries.

In my opinion, being a deliberator describes me well. I believe that life is not all about contesting for popularity but rather a precious gift. Even though other people carry out their activities in a reckless manner, I take up a different path. Interestingly, although the theme mentioned above describes me best, it is not the one I frequently use: I prefer relator as it prevents me from shying away from new people. Precisely, I value genuine relationships, and the only way to achieve this is to entrust myself to other people. More specifically, it enables me to incorporate the necessary steps geared towards the achievement of real friendship. However, the positivity theme surprised me the most. I became amazed by how I maintained my enthusiastic and energetic nature, while other people failed. It implies that when others become reluctant to take a risk, they look up to me to keep moving.

I anticipate employing the developer theme in college since finding various ways to challenge my fellow students brings me satisfaction. Specifically, it will enable me to fulfill my desires in life such as facilitating the growth of my associates. Lastly, I intend to resort to the belief theme in my career. The idea goes hand in hand with my core values, which are vital as they provide guidance regarding life temptations and distractions that would otherwise derail my output. At the same time, it would allow me to be on the lookout for a job that matches my core values.

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