What I Learnt About Myself as a Writer? - Narrative Essay

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Date:  2022-03-13


English course helped me to learn various things throughout the term such as how to write a good essay such as description, analysis and narration essays. Further, the course helped me to improve my ability to compose ideas from different sources in the school library to come up with good research. It assisted me in borrowing ideas and citing my document paper according to the standards of MLA. Initially, I found the English course very difficult because I could not comprehend what our instructor was teaching since I did not know about it. Essay writing proved to be tricky for me because I had to know what was required to discuss as well as the style I was supposed to use in my writing. The course was very instrumental because it taught me how to share ideas and suggestions with my class friends and the whole class. While attending the English course, I how to write narration, analysis, research, and descriptive essays. I encountered a lot of problems when our instructor required us to choose a subject matter or rather a topic to write about. I could not get a suitable topic to write about because whenever I picked one, I could not get enough materials as needed by our instructor.

With advanced knowledge got from the English course, I found it easy to choose a good topic for my essay. Once I chose my desired problem, I used to write a draft copy then give to it my friend and the entire class as well as our instructor to discuss it in class, and they would decide whether the draft could form an excellent essay. I used to do well in my descriptive and narration essays, but research and analysis ones needed improvements. The personal trait of clearly expressing ideas helped me to become a better and veteran writer because I was able to connect different ideologies with explanation thus increasing my content and size of my essay. Additionally, the personal trait of writing in my head contributed to my success in my writing skills since after thinking, I would only get down to copy the essay from my mind. Reading with purpose ideally gave me the morale to write a good essay because the practice would provide me with enough ideas as well as explanations for my essay topics. The above personal traits immensely influenced my writing approach since they improved my ability to write essays on any topic given by our instructor.

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Fueling up, looking at the world news, rewarding myself, and setting time for the essay are some of the strategies that helped me overcome writers' block and limitations. For instance, in my English course, I learned that I should eat healthy food to strengthen my concentration on the essay topic I am handling. Setting time when writing essays further helped me to overcome the time limits given for writing essay topics. Ultimately, the English course equipped me with the required site knowledge for borrowing ideas and information from both books as well as from other sources. At the end of the term, I was able to acquire insights from textbooks found in the school library. I could write a good essay using different writing styles by citing relevant information as found in books. A compelling essay is written when a writer uses different writing styles because they affect the theme as well as the tone of a given article or essay.

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