Joseph's Case: Collaborative Solutions for a Better Life - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


The past unit looked at the case of Joseph who is a student at Samuel's Elementary school. He was required to go through various assessments that could address the problems he needs. In this paper, I discuss the case, analyze the case and recommend some possible collaborative solutions to the problem. I will discuss some technological solutions that can help him.

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The case study brought about the need to get more attention to Joseph in collaborating with what is better for his life. Despite the efforts they made through making him repeat his first grade, Joseph still could not find any comfort in trying to make his life better. I am going to analyze a case study after a naturalistic observation of Joseph's life whereby I think more ways of collaborating with Joseph should be employed. While inspiring kids one should know how to struggle in a more common and understandable way because they are rather exceptional and special as other people with the approach of covering thoughtful skills. One of the challenges I found out is that Joseph is very reluctant to the caretakers' advice. The training of the skills can be done in many ways, through challenging Joseph and his caretakers should learn to determine and resolve problems in a more cooperative, jointly suitable way or manner. Josephs caretakers should rather have more plans whereby when a collaborative way to resolve his problems fails, another more efficient way to collaborate with him can be employed. Plan to create time to identify and comprehend Joseph's apprehension about the issue to be dealt with and encourage him that the obligation of mentors will is not how to resolve an issue. Joseph and his caretaker should make effort to inspire solutions at once to evaluate possible resolutions and pick one that is accurate and mutually acceptable(Fryatt & Bennet, 2017). In the case of Joseph, after a series of structured analysis of some of the problems during collaborating with Joseph through research and interviews where consistent interviews and a lot of questions asked, a positive prospect about improving his life certain methods and tools should be used to improve from where he actually improved to (Sangiorgi,2015).. I am going to mention the methods on how to improve on the issue of the ineffective arrangement, scheduling, taking notes, and analyzing through an interview reviewed. Collaboration difficulties could because due to different motives that relate to the partition of work, the client's authority, rank transformations, and also opinions that are not mutually satisfactory. instructors can mark relationship difficulties by recognizing the different cooperative aids that clients don't have and work out to employ the skills. Possibly, instructors should also let the client solve some of their problems.

The caretakers should assign roles, to Joseph where he has a difficulty which will make sure that he is accountable for his own responsibilities. Discussion group should be created involving Joseph whereby when the students argue extremely, the caretakers are required to bring out the different opinions, the undesirable disapprovals and the positive engagements should be substituted with better delivering of thoughts and concepts in search of more philosophies and help in seconding important ideas. A collaborative approach is important since the entire community is involved. The problems of Joseph are more psychological and are signs of depression. The collaborative process reduces the depression and the boy will have a sense of belonging. It is only when he is aware that he is unwell that he can recover quickly as he will adhere to the medication. Collaborative measures are also economical the problems are more psychological. The boy's, academic performance is questionable and an urgent solution is needed to resolve this.

Technology can be used to solve the mental problems that Joseph is having. For instance, a website that was released by a team. The website called MyPsychTES connects therapists and counselors with their patients who use their smartphones to follow up reactions and behavior (Hesjedal &Hetland,2015). This provides a real-world solution as there is smooth communication between the patient and the therapist's automated chatting platform is a collaborative tool ever created. I recommend that the boy is subjected to the phone apps that use the (CBT) cognitive behavioral therapy (Hazel,2017). With time and guide, he will rate his mental health situation.


In conclusion, the ratings are important even before a counselor is visited. The research on the app discovered that the fact that the users felt good after rating themselves is an indication that it has a positive impact on the users. Another use of technology is that most specialists dealing with mental disorders or retardations gives medical information which is supported by a series of communications from primary caregivers top the senior management sources. This requires a media channel that can serve as a channel that connects them to the client. The electronic records are also an important reminder. The case requires a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach. The collaboration itself has more advantages than providing a solution to the boy. It will foster the collaborative skills between partners from diverse fields. It will nurture communication skills, making it easier to communicate in case of challenges. The community also gave a role to play in providing real-world solutions and advice to young children. The parents are responsible for the behavior shown by their children


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