Welcoming Immigrant Students in Classrooms: Strategies to Follow - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-01


There has been an increase in the number of immigrant students, especially in the areas that do not support a high population of immigrants, leading to teachers and education officers to look for help for the improvements that can be done in the classrooms. Many ways can be used to welcome the immigrant students in the classroom including having warm relations through stories and civic engagements (Burnett, 2015). The following strategies can be done to welcome the immigrant students that would like to study English as a language;

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Using empathy in understanding isolation- One has to put himself in the condition of the other person to fully appreciate the experience that comes with learning a new language, (Scott, 2015). The students may be asked to read from the new language, for example, Spanish, and ask the native Spanish student to grade and do the reviews so as understand the complex range of languages.

Ensuring the student upholds the fluency in the native language- The students need to maintain their articulacy in the local language to identify them and help in supporting duo languages as they grow. The teachers that instruct the ELL students need to involve them in talking more frequent as the more the student feels relaxed, the more it is easier to read and write, (Scott, 2015). The culture needs to be observed.

Using art to demonstrate culture- The students that are new to the US should be free to share their linguistic arts such as poems to the class to support socialization and ease the learning of a new language and being involved wholly with a new culture.

Using graphics to assist in communication- The use of visual books, communication images, iconic designs since the way of learning a new language in the US is the same way the other native-English speaking student is taught too. The graphics are vital tools for students to speak in rarely used nouns. Audiobooks may also be applied in the learning center (Colorado, 2019).

In organizing learning within standard-based knowledge and linguistic goals for students from different backgrounds, the type of vocabulary to be used, and the method of learning have to be checked on. The methods of learning should involve the preselection of words in the preceding conversations, explaining the meaning by use of friendly words, showing off examples, and asking students to repeat words for memorization, (Colorado,2019).


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