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Many challenges, trends, pressing concerns and dynamic challenges afflict the human race. These factors have combined in a connected web that cause have irreparable damage to the progress and sustainability of humanity. The new age challenges, trends, pressing concerns and dynamic challenges that work together to the detriment and sometimes benefit of humanity include a non-sectarian society, global sharing through multiple instruments of technology, the trends in environment, modalities of social justice being enhanced across the globe, global economic empowerment among countries, the trend in in population management and the distribution and utilization of global resources (Conserve-Energy-Future). The interaction of all these factors has made the universe seem to be a global village where the integration of the factors contributes to the progress or retrogression in the society.

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Among the major global issues afflicting the human race is the rapid and unplanned population growth being experienced in the world. The issue when not checked and there is over population it propagates an escalation of other social and environmental challenges such as air, land and water pollution and an increase in prostitution and social ills such as crime and illicit activity. Overpopulation in the world has increased the rate of global unemployment which has had an enormous economic impact in the global arena. The current statistics show that the population of the world is a little over seven billion and its growing. The numbers have extensively strained the resources since the resources which form the factors of production are scarce to sufficiently sustain the population, an argument promoted by Professor John Guillebaud ( The population increase has increased almost beyond the carrying capacity of the environment hence creating the probability of an imminent shortage in water, food and fossil fuels which are predominantly basic needs of the human race.

The population menace has impacted the advancement in technology leading to inventions to efficiently manage the resources to meet the demand of the population and innovation in medical technology to manage the growth and development of the population. The fertility rates have improved due modern invented methods to control population growth. The abundance of resources has an impact on the population trends, a community that has access to abundant basic resources will increase in population while one that is constrained by economic resources will moderately grow. Therefore, all these are interconnected in their development, trends and challenges that swarm the human race (Jackson).

Technology has had a very large effect on other global issues in the world. Technology has a far-reaching effect on population growth, utilization of resources, the population of the environment and economic development or sabotage. Advancements in internet technology have pulled individuals into a global village, and they now reach other at the press of a button. Economies have been expanded due to digital banking and platforms of transacting business. Today communication between individuals 100 miles apart can occur in a split of a second by use of a cell phone device. The inventions of Facebook, Twitter and other digital social platforms has transformed the political and economic transformations in the world. The infamous Arab Spring revolution was advertised and driven through this avenues, and its effectiveness cannot be undermined (Radio National). The fight for social justice, transparency and accountability to industries, government and institutions harming a global resource has now been made possible through this platforms.

The advancements made in technology have led to the development of modern and more efficient ways to manage land and increase agricultural produce. Countries like Dubai and Israel, which are predominantly arid, have developed ingenious methods to subdue the earth in using technologies to reap agricultural benefits. These improvements are aimed at improving the output of the world and satisfying the demand placed on food by the rapidly increasing population. Developments in manufacturing and engineering have promoted depletion of resources and environmental degradation. These developments have increased the use of plastics, metals, oil and coal which are used to in shipping industries, plastic industries, and heavy machinery industries, at the bad cost of causing myriads onerous effects that cause untoward harm to the ecosystem (

All the significant global issues spring from each other. A population increase leads to irresponsible land use and strain on resources which degrades the quality and diminishes the productive capacity of the land. The population increase causes an urban migration which has led to degradation of land and pollution of air and soil. The air pollution has accelerated the incidences of acid rain another global issues. Acid rain advances another global issue of reduction agricultural productivity level of soils and harmful effect to aquatic life in the regions where the rain are rampant (Sampedro and Hillyard). The reduction of an agricultural productivity level of soils has reduced the production of food in the world and caused the global issues of food shortage. Global issues have equally led to inventions in genetic engineering to increase the production of food but has led to untoward genetic pollution and genetic modification of food produce which is harmful to human beings. Therefore, all global issues are connected and intertwined.


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