University Crisis Communication Plan: A Guide for Officials Paper

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Date:  2023-10-29


There are numerous scenarios that can lead to crises in various universities; this plan had been specifically developed to assist university officials in inconsistent and proper communication. It provides clear procedures that universities can use to coordinate communication, both externally and internally, whenever a crisis occurs. The plans indicate the responsibilities, roles, and protocols for guiding university officials in information sharing with its entire audience during a crisis or emergencies. Owing to the fact that crisis might be abrupt and without warning, this plan is flexibly designed to take care of emergencies of various magnitudes and types.

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Crisis definition

In accordance with this plan, a crisis is defined as a significant disturbance, emergency, or dangerous situation in the activities of the university, which can potentially lead to huge impacts on the university's public image operation and which may result in public scrutiny and news coverage. For this communication plan, the main types of crises to be handled comprise civil rioting or unrest, bomb threats, explosions, gas leak, fire outbreak, serious illness, armed intruder, and terrorist incidence.

Plan Authorization, Activation, and Updating

The person under which the communication plan will operate is the deputy vice-chancellor. Furthermore, the plan will be activated by the chief security officer. The chief security officer will activate the process by adhering to the following steps:


The chief security officer will notify the audience concerning the occurrence of the crisis. The process of notification needs to be simple and easily understood by the stakeholders of the university.


In this step, the chief security officer will examine the degree of impact of the incidence. The process will continue as the incidence of evolves.


The chief security officer will respond by implementing the best alternative strategies, enacting long-term procedures and policies, and ensuring that the communication is continuously issued as needed.


After the crisis, the chief security officer will review the actions of the team and provide recommendations for enhancements where necessary. The chief security officer will document and discuss lessons learned with various stakeholders and, therefore, update the plan to ensure that the changes made are reflected.

Crisis ‘War Room’ and Communication Resource List

In the event of the occurrence of any emergency, then all the students and the staff will have to assemble around the fire point; this is where the chief security officer will verify if there are victims of the crisis. The resources that will be used at this point will include microphones, laptops, cameras, and mobile phones.

Crisis Communication Principles and Strategy, Channels, and Collateral

Upon the verification of the validity of the incidence, the public relations officers will offer fist hand information to the university fraternity as well as the public. A press release will be made, and other channels social media will be used to reach a wider audience.

Response ‘Holding’ Statement/Template/Pre-Approved Information

This plan exploits various crisis communication principles to offer sufficient information that can assist individuals in making informed decisions to safeguard themselves as well as families under a slim time constraints and with inadequate information. The plan is based on these principles:

  1. Be first; the team should offer the first source of communication against which other sources are gauged.
  2. Be right; the communication must be accurate to earn credibility.
  3. Honesty; is vital in maintaining trust.
  4. Promote action; offer people something precise to help in restoring a sense of control over out-of-control situations.
  5. Show respect; showing respect in crisis to enhance trust.

Furthermore, the communication team should readily avail of the various public information concerning the university, such as the background of the institution, as well as the fact sheets.

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