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Summary of teaching plan is essential because it provides means of approaching community. It is the reason why the summary of teaching plan is developed. Review of teaching plan offers the set of needed actions or intention of dealing with a case of epidemiology. In summary, there are working methods and approaches designed to meet and effectively control the spread of epidemiology in the community. Method and plans that nurses would use include; teaching community from the health centers, demonstrations of ways that would manage epidemiology and lecturing members of society as well as many more other methods of teaching and related plans. In summary, the teaching plan would design and teach ways that members of the community would be reporting a case of epidemiology. Teaching was intended to ensure that it happens within a very specified period. The paper analyses teaching plan, epidemiological rationale, evaluation of teaching experience and the community response to teaching.

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Keywords: health care system, Epidemiology, teaching experience and community response.

Epidemiological Rationale

Epidemiological rationale involves a logical way of studying the cause of a health-related issue in a population, just like the case of epidemiology in this case. The study of the condition is systematic as nurses seek to control and prevent the spread of the disease that would possibly be affecting the community. The application of the study is made by nurses to address the epidemiology as a health issue in the health sector. There is a system that nurses use to approach and asses community events as far as epidemiology is concerned. Epidemiology is a condition that is found in the body of a person thus host. Members of the community are infected because they do not have the necessary information about the situation.

The epidemiology rationale deals with disperse and the control of the disease. The spread of the disease could be by various natural means thus the member of the community need to have proper knowledge about the spreading virus (Yang, 2017). The community should be taught on the agents of the disease spreading and how they should control it. Knowing the spread of the disease would make it easy for members to get and understand more about it. Because epidemiology involves the spread of disease and it is by the aid of the microbes. Members are informed thus making it easy to manage and control the spread of the disease.

Epidemiology outbreak happens because of three agents: we have the agent that causes the disease. It is the cause of the disease; it is also where the disease begins and possibly followed by the outbreak. Another component of the epidemiology is the host. The host, in this case, is where the organism shelters. The person could provide the shelter in the community or a group of community members. When somebody in the community is affected by the disease, he or she is the host. Describe so because they are hosting the disease when infected. The member who is concerned should teach one layer of the of the community health care system. The health care system that could work here is the individual self-care. When one member of the community has known about the regulation of the disease, they would always find it easy to manage.

Another element of the epidemiological triangle is the environment. The environment provides the means in which the virus spread from one region to another (Oermann, 2017). It is the medium that facilitates the growth of the disease and as the result members of the given community gets infected. With a good skill taught from the teaching plan. Members of such a society would not be prone to microbe's causing germ and spread of the disease. One of the elements of the community health care system would help in relating the condition since they teach. They support from members of the community's allies can assist manage the spread of the disease by the. The epidemiology also has principles from which it is studied.

Teaching Experience

The teaching plans enable nurses to come up with different ways of approaching the community. Teaching plan help nurses to manage and contact members of the community. The teaching plan that nurses use to approach community include Lecturing; members were lectured on the methods in which epidemiology spread in a population of a community. Teaching entailed spoken language about epidemiology. Nurses thought ways in which germs get in one's body and means in which microbes move. One of how bacteria move is through respiration tract. It was a reasonable approach that was used by nurses. The risk level of the disease was measured, and information was shared with the community.

Lecturing was the method used to teach community in the health centers about the effects and ways of preventing epidemiology. In the health centers, nurses exercised their experience and delivered information on the spread of epidemiology. The interaction with community members enhanced nurse's expertise.

Doing is another approach. Nurses helped members of the community in ways that they could manage the disease. It was an experience and procedure used to support the community. The same nurses helped members of the community by carrying out immunization to cure and prevent the spread of the disease, washing of hands before getting anything done to manage this condition. There was the more preventive treatment of the disease as an approach to the community thus experience.

Educating the community is another approach that was used as a method. Members of the community were trained on possible ways that they would manage the disease in case there is an outbreak. They were educated that an explosion could result from funny activities such as using contaminated foods among other ways. Contaminated water was also taught and noted as the means by which the epidemiology spread in the community. Members were informed on the ways, and they should use to report a case of epidemiology.

The demonstration was another approach that was used by nurses in ensuring that the necessary information reaches the community. It was experienced from the procedure and teaching of the disease. Demonstrations entail teaching methods that frequently used in the administration of vaccines. That helped prevent epidemiology condition in the community as nurses gain experience in nurse practitioner and care. The procedure was demonstrated by nurses, and from the demonstration, nurses acquired teaching practice experience.

Services to community-based on the case of epidemiology was another excellent approach that nurses used. Services that nurses were offering build the service experience. The experience was learned when services were provided to clients by nurses thus preventing means in which epidemiology spreads in the community. It was experience nurses had from the approach and teaching of community.

Community Response

Community partnership portrayed the response. Community engagement during teaching time was superb. During demonstrations, members actively involved and they all expressed an urge to know how the presentation was done. The response can also be described regarding members who turned up. The number of members who showed up was kind enough to teach and corporate within the processes.

Lectures at the health centers were interesting. It was interesting because some members who wanted to be educated were huge. That significant number showed a positive response from the community. There was also a more substantial community partnership with nurses. The organization came when nurses taught members who will help them reach as many members as possible. It was one of the positive response from the community.


To sum up, the teaching plan is a crucial tool that educates members of the community as far as nurses are concerned. Nurses often develop a teaching plan method that would enable them to reach their goals and educate members of the population according to health-related issues. The layers help nurses design a way in which nurses would be teaching the community. By managing to train members of the community, it would be easy to control its population and serve them well. Epidemiology has its components in which the spread of the disease is made easy. It has an agent where the source of the microbes begins. There was some useful experience that nurses obtained from the community teaching. It includes nurse care, practitioner among many other more.


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