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Date:  2022-11-28


Brand Smith is one of the leaders in the United States who has ethical and successful entrepreneurial leadership. He is the CEO of the Intuit Company which is the world's largest and the most successful financial software companies. For instance, the company offers 95% of the revenue within the United States, and this makes it the largest company. Brand Smith has served in the company for many years and how he carried his work has influenced the company's path (Brookfield, 2017). He has always encouraged teamwork which has contributed to the collaborative spirit of the company. Furthermore, the leader encourages customer-driven innovation, and this factor helps to uncover important unsolved issues, and this makes customers appreciate everything done in the company. What encourages his followers is that he considers time is the most precious and limited source and in this he spends 40% of his time through operating mechanisms and product reviews in the company, 30% in developing leadership forums, 20% in engaging other leaders from other companies in having business discussions and 10% in meeting with mentors and also learning from them.

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Leadership Summary

According to Wolter and Bacile (2017), influencer leaders share success while power leadership fails. For example, it is evident if a leader influences ten people at long last the influence spreads in double to others. Most effective leaders seek to make every individual great. Additionally, the role and power make the leaders be best negotiators; hence they aim to understand all followers' perspective eventually offering options which will benefit every individual (McClelland, 2017). Moreover, the influence leaders do have pressure to achieve hence they show compassion for the people when they make mistakes. In that they also encourage their employees to take a calculated risk, accepting failure and thus seeking knowledge and innovative solutions.

The ability of a leader having good leadership traits are the ones which inspire those being led. For instance, being a leader with a leading purpose, having a listening ear to the employees and having passion makes a leader inspire leaders DuBois et al., (2015). According to Krasnoff (2015) being an inspirational leader means that one must demonstrate the commitment and passion in everything they do. For example, having passion in every meeting, presentation, handling customers well will make very people be inspired in very many ways. In other words, an effective leader should lead by the example, demonstrate integrity, communicate effectively, should also be able to make hard decisions and take risks, motivate the employees in everything they do and empower them.


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