Thinking, Intelligence and Memory Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Thinking, intelligence and memory are three very important aspects of our brain development. Every day we are bombarded with difficult situations that require us to delve deeply into our understanding of what the situation entails and what might be its effects. Sometimes we are required to dig deep into our past to find memories of similar occurrences and how we have dealt with such situations in the past. There are also situations when we might be trying hard to recall past events but the memory seems to evade us no matter how much we focus on getting the memory back. Numerous situations exist that require the combination of thinking, intelligence, and memory.

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A story was aired on the Nightly News on 1 January 2016 on the life of Donald Trump (MSNBC, 2016). The story was based on the fact that he had a history of being racist. The reporter seemed to be supporting the argument that Trump was not fit to run for President of the U.S. I felt that this claims might be valid for many reasons. President Trump had repeatedly reiterated his desire to make America great again. He had come out clearly to show that he was going to put the welfare of the Americans at the forefront of any negotiations or external interests. He stated without fear that he was going to erect a wall at the border of the U.S and Mexico but at the expense of the Mexicans. America is inhabited by many races from all across the world and it was not prudent to make such comments that seemed to favor only one race. Many people around the world were offended by his comments, especially the Mexicans (MSNBC, 2016). He seemed to have the notion that Mexicans infiltrating the country was one of the reasons for the rising rates of insecurity in the country, which was in fact untrue. Insecurity is a Universal problem and one race should not be made to suffer because of a societal problem. The comments he made were very unpopular hence he should desist from implementing his plans to avoid widening the already existing rift between the Native Americans and the other races inhabiting the country.

On the other hand, it may be possible that Trump's statement was only what most of the Americans were silently thinking was the solution to the rising cases of drug trafficking and human trafficking from Mexico. His comments about putting the welfare of the Americans at the forefront can also be justified. Nobody deserves to suffer in their native country. Foreigners have invaded America and are generating a lot of wealth for themselves using the country's resources while a good number of Americans continue to suffer. "Would others describe you as a rational thinker? How often do you listen to your gut when you are attempting to make a difficult decision?" (Wade & Tavris, 2017) These are questions that people should ask themselves to avoid making decisions solely to please other people's egos. Trump's thinking and intelligence made him come to the conclusion that he had to make difficult decisions to America great again. He had a plan to restore the security in the country. In order to restore the security in a country, all the conduits that contribute to insecurity including illegal drugs trafficking, and human trafficking have to be sealed. My memory is clear that these are problems that have been in existence for a long time and all the previous Presidents failed to provide the solution. Hence it is only rational to give him an opening to implement his plans and maybe the results will be worth it. The comments he made should not necessarily be viewed as racist comments. They are valid points that should be embraced by every American citizen. Despite the race they belong to, they are all American citizens and any effort made by Trump is for the benefit of all citizens.


Overall, there are numerous situations that require a combination of thinking, intelligence, and Memory. We should circumvent making judgments on the basis of what other people think or what other people's perception of us would be. Trump made comments based on critical thinking, intelligence, and memory of how the security situation had been handled by former presidents. His decision to put the welfare of Americans at the forefront was also based on thinking and intelligence. Therefore it is not right for the Nightly News to air a story that perpetrated the narrative that he was racist.


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