Essay on My Father's Ambition: My Literacy Journey at Age One

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Date:  2023-04-09

At one year old, I began my literacy journey. At that time, my father was an elementary teacher whose ambition was to see us all his children showcase the ability to write and read. Our father single-handedly raised us, following my mother demised at the early stage of my life. My father's ultimate goals were to us his best covering the aspect of command in written and spoken language of English. I was highly motivated by the desire to become literate with my elder sister criticizing every broken English I would utter in public. At my tender age, I could benefit from home learning with simple terms as "brother" and "sister." At the beginning of my second year, I began to follow my dad to school to inquire about what was taking place over there. As a young kid, my dad had no option but to enroll me in a daycare besides the school.

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One my first encounter with the teacher at the daycare, I fell in love with her inspirations. In most instances, during the break period, she would not only smile at me but would carry me back to class. During my happy time at the daycare, I was lucky enough to learn new vocabulary and new words. On most of the occasions at the day, singing was the best approach that was greatly applied. We were forced to sing the whole day. As I came back home every day, I was overzealous to educate my little sister by assuming the position of a teacher and direct her to sing each word after me. In some situations, as my father was preparing the garden, he would ask me to recite whatever I learned in school. Also, while at school, I would recite to my best friends who would laugh hysterically if the sing was poorly sung. Through these experiences and exercises, my language acquisition was highly influenced by the issues of spoken language.

Later, I joined grade one in the institution that my father was working. Coincidentally, I began studying in a class where I was actively involved in answering more questions. My father had promised to buy me a toy if I could answer many questions correctly. I can recall an incident that occurred at the end of my grade one closing ceremony, and I emerged the top pupil in my class in reading and writing. I was highly motivated by this reward that drove my quest towards Mathematics and Science. In this stage, my love for English was unquestionable even though I could still perform averagely in Mathematics and Sciences. In grade three, I was appointed as an official in charge of my class. The position puts to as a role model to give a lead in all subject performance. For that reason, I was determined to be the best student in the class. My father used to buy us a newspaper where he often asks me to provide a summary. My competition in giving a good summary surpassed the level of my brother, who, by then, was in high school.

I joined high school, meeting students from different backgrounds, and walks of life. Even though people were diversified in terms of family ranking, I have announced the best student in my class-topping every subject. Based on starlet performance, I was elected the library prefect. I exploited this opportunity by spending more time and learning more since I had a competitive edge over the other students. At this time, my attitude towards writing grew stronger. From that time onwards, I began to write basic play and writing essays. At that time, my Literature occasionally mentored me on a weekly routine when he discovered my prowess in the language and writing.

When I joined University, my writing and reading skills progressively improved. In the University, I had a lot of resources and plenty of reference materials and various experts who guided me. These experts provide me with personal assistance to take me throughout the journey of literacy. Based on the commitment shown to me by these experts, I ended being one of the best writers in history.

I recall one event when I was in a hurry to know how to write a poem that addresses the theme of gender-based violence with Kate:

Me: Hello

Kate: Hello

Me: How you mind giving me some of your time to pour out my quest to you

Kate: I won't mind

Me: I have been working on my topic now on "gender-based violence," I have come to inquire about your recommendation on the suitable writing techniques that I need to incorporate in this project

Kate: First of all, Congratulation on your topic as it addresses the current issues ailing the world. Would you mind using foreshadowing, suspense, and personification to leave your readers wanting to know more? To stress your point makes sure you repeat the statement more consistently.

Me: Thank you

Kate: My pleasure (Closes the door)

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