Paper Example on Jane: Ready for College and Romance Challenges

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Date:  2023-05-23

Jane was happy to have graduated from high school and was now eager to join college and study her dream course in journalism. She was an outgoing girl with a happy smile. At the age of 17, she had been through some love triangle but not the magnitude she was about to experience. Her parents had brought up her well in church, and they were happy that she was joining college. Having been the only child, the parents were very protective of her, and they have cautioned her of the challenge's life brings. Her love story was to that "excellent," but she was still young and yet to experience the good and the bad of love. One thing about Jane was that she was outspoken, and she loved to express herself.

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Jane joined the college in the summer of 1998, and she was happy she was joining the same college as her best friend Mary, who was studying journalism. Luckily enough, they were to share the same room. Joining college was a dream come true for Jane, and she was lucky to have Joined her dream institution St Andrew College of Mass Media, the best institution of journalism in Texas states. Having been a cheerleader in high school, she was eager to become one in colleges, and she was lucky she was recruited in her first trial. She would come to meet Tom. This was love at first sight. Jane felt butterflies in her stomach, and whenever she made eye conduct with Tom, she would blush. Tom had the same feelings, but nothing happened on the first day.

Jane went and shared the experience with her roommate Mary.

Jane: "Today, I saw this boy, and I felt butterflies in my stomach."

Mary: "Did you talk to him."

Jane: "No, I was blushing."

Mary: "Why are you shy."

"Next time you see his promise, you will talk to him," Mary said as they retired to bed. "I promise," Jane replied. There was a lot of thought that was going through the mind of Jane. "could he be the one." Mary felt a feeling that she had not felt before.

It would be five days since he would see Tom again. The team would meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for training. Tom had missed the previous three training sessions as he had traveled. They would meet in unexpected ways. Jane's bicycle has a puncture, and she had to push it to the repair shop. By coincidence, Tom worked at the shop part-time. When she entered the should, she could not see anyone on the counter, she called out, and no one responded. A moment later, she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around, she could not believe her eyes.

Tom: How may I help you?

Jane: Stammering, my bike got puncture can you help me fix it?

Tom: Sure, why not.,... Do you look familiar...? I cannot remember where I so you.......

Jane: I do not think we have met before.

Jane was trying to avoid the to indicated to Tom that she was the new member in the cheer group. Jane tried the topic of the story, "I am new here visiting...." Before she could finish her sentence, Tom remembered: "you are the new girl in the cheer group for the football squad." Reluctantly, she said, "yes." Tom took and the bike and started repairing it, and Jane could not take her eyes off him. She felt something was pulling closer to him. Tom asked how long have young been on the campus.

Jane: "it's been six weeks now."

Tom: "So you are a freshman," .... Maybe I can show you around".

Jane: "I would love that."

That how Tom got Jane's Number. Tom called her that night, and they talked for almost 3 hours, and it felt like they have known each other for ages. Tom asked Jane is he can show her around the following weekend, and she agreed. That week they would bump to each other twice, and the moment was awkward, but with time they would develop a friendship. On the agreed day, Tom came to pick Jane from her room, and her friend was amazed by how handsome he was. The day began well, and they ended up in the movies she was 18 and she and started falling for him and he was in his final year and two years older than hear. She felt that this was the right man for her. They become a great couple. They would go to watch a game and a movie together. When they do not have anything to do, they would just watch movies. Over, the weekend they would plan road trips. Tom completed his studies that years how every this did nothing to separate them. Jane has fallen in love with Tom and had been swept by his charm.

They would visit each from time to time. Their love grew more durable and more durable. Tom was now working and was doing well for himself, and Jane was now in her final year of college. Jane had planned to vest Tom and spend the summer together in 2000. Jane was excited about the trip. They had both introduced each other to their friends and families. It was love all over the place. On this particular trip, Jane had not notified Tom that she was coming over, and she might stay for a longer period. Jane planned it as a surprise. This would turn out to be the surprise she had not imagined. She took her father's car and drove 6 hours to her fiance place. When she arrived, the door was locked, so she used her keys to open the door. She entered the house, and she could hear some murmuring from upstairs. She decides to check what was wrong. When she opened her boyfriend's bedroom, she could not believe her eyes. She found him naked with her best friend making love.

Jane: Tom, you could do this to me...... Mary, I thought you were my friend.

Mary: I am sorry it is not what you think...

Tom was trying to calm her down....

Jane: Do not touch me.... I thought we had something special. Goodbye

Jane slammed the door and walked away. Mary and Tom had betrayed their trust. It would take a century to build trust and only a second to bring it down. Before tome could get his pants on, she had already left. He tried following but could not find it. Jane had loved Tom with all her heart, and he could do this to her. She even started having thoughts of committing suicide as she could not live with the betrayal. She decided to drive back home, and, on her way, she phoned her mother and discussed the issue with her as she felt that she was the only person she could trust.

Jane: Mum, I found Tom on the bed with Mary (tears flowing down her cheeks).

Mum: I am sorry this had to happen to you. Where are you?

Jane: I am on the highway driving back home.

Mum: Get back home as soon as possible, and we will talk about this.

Jane: Thank you. I love you, mum. (she hang-up the phone)

Jane collected herself and drove home safely. When he arrived home, she found her mother waiting for her. Her mother could understand the pain she was going through, and she was there for her. Jane became depressed, and she was advised to see a psychiatrist. The Psychiatric had booked for six months until she was sure that she was ready and had health from the trauma she was suffering from. The psychiatric advised her to cut ties with her friend and boyfriend to avoid any reemergence of the trauma. Jane had to call off her final semester as she wanted to avoid any contact with Mary as it was possible they could bump at each other back at college. They shared the same room. It was evident that Mary and Tom and betrayed her, but she came out stronger.

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