The Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson: American Legacy Foundation's Truth Anti-smoking

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Date:  2021-03-13


The American Legacy Foundation Truth campaign Anti-smoking is one of the organizations that has conducted campaigns with the aim of sensitizing the public on dangers associated with smoking. The foundation has used various methods to deliver their message to the public. One such method is the use of commercials such as The Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson commercial.

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Celebrities in Anti-smoking Campaign

The commercial features most of the famous celebrities smoking-related photos that they had posted on their social media. The commercial tends to criticize these celebrity pictures terming them as unpaid tobacco spokespersons because with every like to these photographs on their social sites they contribute to the growth and renormalization of the smoking behavior.

Anti Smoking Campaign Target Audience

The commercial mostly targets the teenagers as well as the young adult; the generation that would recognize celebrities such Chris Brown and Rihanna. Social media easily influences this generation. By targeting the group, the anti- smoking campaign can stop or at least make tee smokers think twice before smoking.

Social Marketing: Anti-smoking Campaign

The commercial emphasizes the need for influencers, mostly the celebrities, to realize the power and influence they possess and the impact their smoking-related photographs have on the teenagers. Further, the commercial is used to deliver a powerful message to all young adults and teens that they possess the power to end smoking. The campaign also stresses on the need of young celebrities to use their popularity for the greater good such as taking an active role towards sensitizing others on the effects of smoking thereby eradicating the smoking menace.

The commercial also creates awareness on how people unconsciously support tobacco use. In addition, the message depicts smoking as unhealthy and the need for it to end a comfortable and happy life.

American Legacy Foundation Truth Anti-smoking Campaign Strategies

One of the strategies used in this commercial is the de-glamorization strategy that involves challenging the smoking social norm that has been propagated by the positive imagery presented by the unknowing celebrities in their social sites. Affective and emotional messaging strategies are presented in this advertisement. The commercial provides a sense of impact which attempts to connect the audience to their campaign by making the message relevant and giving the audience a chance to participate. The commercial is emotional since it connects something viewed as important and influential by the society, which is the celebrities with an issue that many individuals agree on, smoking.

The message brought forward by the commercial is very effective because it is quite simple and straightforward as it educates teenagers of what is going on and the fact that it should come to end. The presence of visual consistency, which is brought about by the repeated pictures of celebrities smoking, makes it efficient. Further, it has a tagline that remains constant up to the end of the commercial.


However, despite the strong message behind the commercial it is quite hard to get all the viewers to view the message behind the commercial the same way. By showing pictures of celebrities smoking, it only displays the cool factor behind smoking thereby encouraging some individuals to smoke. Concerning this, one way of making the message more useful would be incorporating photographs of people who have directly been affected by smoking like people with holes on their throats. This would be to indicate the risks and dangers of smoking because of the coolness factor brought by these celebrity smoking pictures.


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