Essay Example on Canada's Drug Crisis: The Fight Against Opioid Abuse and Illegal Supply

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Date:  2023-01-09

Canada grapples with the distribution and abuse of controlled drugs and substances within its borders. Drugs such as opioid have had the most incidences of overdose reported, causing a severe public health concern in the country (PRNewswire, 2019). These drugs stream in the country through the borders while others are illegally prepared in the country. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act strives to ensure the distribution of controlled substances stays in legal supply avenues and prevent interference of valid medical, commercial and scientific activities (GoC, 2018). Although the efforts to curb and regulate drug trafficking and use in Canada face enforcement challenges, the amendment will help to facilitate better management of the activities.

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One of the issues that the amendment seeks to address is to restrict the importation of unregistered devices. The availability of these machines contributes partly to the controlled substances menace that is experienced in Canada. The proposed changes recommend that the prohibition of unregistered imports will help to prevent the illegal manufacture of controlled substances (CBC-News, 2018). Another critical loophole that the bill addresses is the entry of drugs to Canada through the mail system. Individuals exploit the exception in the Customs Act that prevents officers from inspecting mail under 30 grams, thus smuggles drugs such as fentanyl through this system (CBSA, 2018).

The bill targets pertinent aspects regarding Customs Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The recommended changes will help enforcement officers to effectively execute the mandate of regulating the manufacture and supply of controlled substances (Moro, 2019). Also, the amendments will safeguard public health for the people of Canada and reduce the harm caused by the abuse of drugs (HealthCanada, 2017). The bill should, therefore, go through, and further changes should be informed by the issues that arise during the implementation to help strengthen the process.


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