The Single-Sex High School as a Feature of Secondary Education Has Lost Its Relevance - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-06-16


Educating youth is one of the essential methods used in the preparation of one to be a productive citizen in the community. The effectiveness of an adult in the society is measured by level of skills and knowledge one has. In order to survive in the current world, one must establish his/ her economic opportunities, and know to interact is most decent manner with others. However, the quantity and the quality one has is determined mainly by the level of preparedness as they transit to secondary school. Different types of secondary school (mixed school or single-sex secondary) prepare one for a future life differently. Many parents opt for single-sex school because of religious basis, best remedies for adolescent stage and confidence it instills in children, hence making one more salient than a stereotype

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Most of the Religious-based single-sex school gives a child conducive environment to attain there God's call. In life. In 19th century, single schools we established on the ground of religious matters. Religion such as Muslim advocates for minimum interaction between boys and girls most of the Catholic churches founded the single-sex school as a way of adding Christianity dimension to education. As a result, some students from those schools have ended up fulfilling their priestly callings. For instance, essential people in the society such as nuns and the priest in Roman Catholic churches, all most all of them studied in single based school, while, the rest develop moral values in life. According to Morris (2015) historians frequently, associate private schools for female students solely as privileged, uniform, and stringently regulated institutions that offer religious studies as the main subject, hence shape students into fulfilling the God's calling. In other words, single-sex school of a conducive environment for one to attain their purpose in life. In the case of a student who becomes nun or priest, would they accomplish this purpose in life if they we exposed to oppose sex? As much as the argument against this type of education claims, that single based reinforces stereotypes. In contrary, " stereotypes are not invidious, corrosive, hateful attitudes that only bigots endorse" (Chapple, 2015). Stereotype is the fundamental as breathing and it is the by-product of how the brain thinks as it try to sense in concerning the world.

Single-sex school minimizes early sex encounter between boys and girls of school going age. Most girls and boys in high school are at the adolescent stage of life. Simmons (2017), claim that at puberty stage, one is likely being attracted to opposite sex. Thus the probability of engaging misconduct is high, however, with strict regulation of environment sex at this early stage can be avoided. Some ways of preventing reproduction is through conducting sex education, though, a number case study, for example, one that was done in Mbenjere Secondary, Ntaja and Nsanama Community Day Secondary Schools in 2016 by Rasid and Mwale, proved that sex education is not enough in prevention of risk of HIV/Aids, and early pregnancies among youths (Rashid, & Mwale 2016). On the other, single-sex school has proved its effectiveness in the fight against HIV/Aids, in countries such as Jamaica that has a high percentage of youth who are positive (Miller & Wallder, 2016). Preventing children from being infected from disease and becoming pregnant at a tender age, help them to increase chances of success in future life, because some school dropouts due to pregnancy and stress will be minimal.

Single-sex education widens educational projections strengths gender stereotypes and promotes individualism. For instance, girls sustain more freedom to take a course once branded male -based subjects such as science and math. Powell (2015), claims that based on higher education learning, topics such geology, science agriculture, economics, and, engineering is opted by a male student, while, subjects such as psychology, elementary education, nursing, and languages have been crowned female- dominated. Nevertheless, single-sex education deliberately challenges the stereotypes by offering utilization of' non-convention' subjects; those enrolled of single-gendered remain true to their desire as such, as it is contradiction the general belief about specific gender. With minimum judgment, girls and boys are most probably to attain confidence, come out of their comfort zones, and establish an improved self- image. Is it not a society even one yearns for?

In the current world, single-sex education majorly is beneficial to a girl child because it helps in the fight against women discrimination. One ground on which female schools was established in America in the 20th century was to break glass ceiling effect that allows men to dominate in all aspect of society. Single-sex education with ease teaches and shape the recipients in a manner they will know their right and be aware of possible challenges associated with their gender, without making another gender few low. Thus, single-sex education helps in promoting gender equality, which has been the target of western civilization for nearly five decades. Kabir (2016), suggest that female education empowers female to stand for right and to know their rightful position in the society. Consequently, an incidence of gender-based violence will reduce while at the same time equal pay at work and equal access to health care facilities will be promoted. However, some claim it is worth noting that the same cognitive mechanisms that perpetuate stereotypes in boys and girls also perpetuate stereotypes in adult men and women. Though from constitutional perceive, this type of education does not challenge discrimination law.


In conclusion, the sex-segregated school has rapidly multiplied across the contents due to its strong support of religious and social skills to instilling in children. It promotes equality of sexes, a male can play a role of a female, and female can play a function of a male by so doing it is reducing the stereotype among boys and girls. Also, policies and law that support stereotype should be changed to stimulate for gender equality.


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