Personal Essay Example - Achieving Goals Through Cooperation

Date:  2021-03-23 01:07:20
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Through experience, I have come to realize that cooperation is the way in which different components work in harmony to the achievement of a mutual goal. The parts may appear independent, and at times selfish, but cooperate to the creation of a complex system. With this knowledge, I have come to know that cooperation is paramount to the achievement of both professional, and personal goals. Achievements typically depend on if the individual is willing to adjust themselves to their attainment, and naturally, this does not happen in a vacuum. That is, we will work together with other individuals toward our objectives. Cooperation is essential in helping us to change and grow successfully.

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Cooperation enabled me to quit my smoking habit. Some years back, I had a company of friends whom we always went out with, particularly on weekends. We would go away from our neighborhoods where people did not know who we were to explore things we had not experienced yet. But because we didn't have a lot of money with us, we couldn't afford flashy lifestyles that we saw on television. However, we could afford cigarettes.

Smoking became our most important activity during weekend whenever we went out of our neighborhoods. This habit did not last long, and my parents guessed that something was not right. They found out my smoking habits because I would go home smelling cigarettes. They advised me on how to quit the habit since it could lead to addiction, or far worse, lead me to take other drugs. The first step to change was leaving the company of bad friends. Though difficult, I managed to avoid them. I did not have an idea that cooperation was the main factor that led me to quit the habit. But now as I reflect on the issue, if I had not cooperated with my parents, I would still be stuck in that pattern.

Cooperation also enabled me in achieving good grades and a healthy lifestyle in my first few months in college. In such an institution, one is faced with many responsibilities since no one is there to tell us what to do or when to do it. With increased loads of assignments and no strategy with what I was doing, I forgot that a healthy lifestyle would have helped me achieve more. My grades were worse no matter how much I tried to study.

I decided to see the college counselor for advice. After asking me a few questions on my time management strategy, she was surprised that I had none. At the same time, she advised me to watch on my dietary habits since I could not achieve much if my body were not provided with the necessary energy and nutrients. The counselor informed me that we come up with a plan on how I was to manage my time. Within a fortnight, I had started to see a difference. I had time to make healthy meals, and my assignments were always delivered on time. If I had not cooperated, I would still be in the same place I was back then.

Cooperation is essential in helping us to change and grow successfully. From the examples given, it is clear that when we cooperate, nobody loses. The people willing to help us get the opportunity to help, and we benefit. I also noted that for good cooperation between two parties, we should not make any demands. Instead, we should be willing to negotiate and compromise at times.

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