The Manual to Success Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

It's not easy for any student to make it to university but when most of them get there, they lose it straight from their first year. The fast transitioning from where you were used to be given instructions plus follow-ups to deliver to have the freedom to choose over almost everything around us. The freedom may, in turn, be too much and end up spoiling us. Everyone in this life aspires to be successful, and this is always a journey of small steps and decisions that we make every day.This course is acting as a manual to help us understand the dynamics of higher learning; as a student, I can analyze my behaviors and realize where I need to upgrade, change or leave. I will focus more on expressing where I was weak and how this class contributed to essential aspects of my personal growth.

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Maximum productivity is achieved mainly by efficient time management. We all have issues with time, even those who are good timers want to improve. Time management involves both behavioral and cognitive processes.

The trick I learned about time management is prioritizing. The burden of having to choose between many tasks that all are expected to be done by the end of the day can be a problem for me. After I learned the aspect of categorizing my tasks it helped me with managing my workload stress-free. Some of the things I consider when I am prioritizing are the urgency of the work, how important is it considering other peoples schedule, what if the work won't be done by today what may happen, how many parties are involved in getting the job done. I used to be dealing with deadlines, stressed about heavy workload, but it was due to my poor time management skills,

The other important thing that boosted my discipline in time management is writing a to-do list. Every night before I sleep I made sure I have listed down all the tasks I would need to have accomplished by tomorrow and allocate proper timing of when ill do each of them. In some instances, I could ignore doing a job by rescheduling it for a later time in the day, and it ends up I won't do that work because it had clashed with another task. Having a to-do list kept me on track and on time in accomplishing my tasks.

Before this class, I couldn't think of resting as important as I have learned. In most cases, I could assign myself 2 hours of studying assuming by the end of the session I will have covered a bigger part of the coursebook. The concentration of the same job in more extended hours reduces productivity. There is a reason why in school we go to breaks in between classes. A little rest will make the mind relax and fresh again to learn a new concept swiftly.

In campus teachers spend less than 15hours in class per week, they also don't offer reminders when they give out their assignments, and I will also have so much freedom of what to do at that time. Therefore, planning my time well and having a strict follow up on my to-do list is a crucial thing in my campus life and if I fail, I will have also failed in my lifetime dream.

In schools, we learn about the academic knowledge, and we also get to interact with other students from different backgrounds. Every student is expected to have good social skills to make his stay ease with other students and staff within the school. Socialization is the act of interacting with other people from different cultures. I was good at socializing, but I had to make sure I improve some aspects especially on my oral communication skills. Good communication skills with my friends have helped me boost my grades as well as exposed me to different entrepreneurial ideas.

The most important thing that I learned about this course was self-management skills, and I will be forever grateful for that. Self- management is an umbrella of many skill set but it involves setting up, follow up and achievement of your goals.Sometimes I lacked the self-confidence in myself, not sure of the decisions I make fearing what others may think of me. Decisions that we make every day have a significant impact on our personal growth.Through evaluating my options before making decisions, knowing when to say no without fear of the pressure of my peers, regularly monitoring my progress in every project I engage into and learning to accept responsibilities of my mistakes.

Stress is when we are unable to cope with the pressure demands, but if you have good self-management skills, you probably won't have to deal with stress. Stress reduces our output, and it also interferes with our concentration we become unable to focus on our responsibilities. Through self-awareness, I can still motivate myself up by taking a break and doing the things I like when stressed.

We differ in very many aspects, for example even in the family some people prefer work at night and others during morning hours, some may work with music in the background playing while others with total silence. After considering to take personal management seriously it improved who I am, I can say now I have control over my own life; I could tell where I was years ago and where am heading. Efficient implementation of good Self-management skill will help you analyze your weaknesses and strengths, appreciate your passions and hobbies.

To master any talent or skill it needs patience. I had a problem on waiting In traffic jams, standing in long lines, slow loading computers and these are things that made me upset. Patience incorporates kindness and cooperation. Through this class, I can see that I have been more generous, compassionate and cooperative. Patience is a process that requires us to regulate our emotions, reframe the situation and maybe try fit in the other person's shoe before reacting.

Managing finances remain a big challenge for most of the students. A smarter way of dealing with it is setting up of financial goals. I wrote down all my financial goals both long and short in a notebook, broke them down up to a series of daily and monthly savings plans. This plan of action sets the right discipline needed to achieve some of my goals that I that I never thought it would have taken me that short. I developed a habit when I receive money; I settle down all my monthly bills, then send a certain percentage to my savings account and have what's left for spending. Do not be discouraged like I was about starting saving small. The key to savings is consistency and not how much stake you have.

Avoiding careless spending is also a good method to stay away from financial problems. For example, I decided to record my expenditures daily on my phone to track how I spend my cash. It came to my realization that I am paying more for snacks and the beverages. I realized where my weaknesses were and tried to improve my spending habits. I categorized my spending habits into two necessary and not-necessary spendings. Driving around campus can be cool, but considering the high insurance and other costs that come with it are some of the reasons why I'll choose not to drive and instead save that cash when am in campus.

We don't have enough money to spend on everything that we want. The art of budgeting is a technique that every individual will have to use for the most of his lifetime. The concept of accounting for every cash coming in and going out, all paid bills, all savings and debts will help you have control over your money, keep you focused on your financial goals, avoid unnecessary spendings and save you from bad debts.

We don't own success we rent it, and its rent is due every day. We have to practice to do things better than yesterday to perfect on what we are doing for our success. True happiness is when you're enjoying your learning life, following your passions and focusing on your dreams can give you an inner sense of fulfillment. Waking up every day and working out on the possibilities of succeeding not walk away when your struggles have failed is a lifetime achievement.


In conclusion, I would thank everyone who contributed to having this unit in our curriculum. The skills we gain in this course will help one achieve not only our campus success but also our life goals. Each skill we learn will help us make the right decisions in challenging times. I am expecting better grades now that I believe I implemented well the basics of proper studying skills. Understanding different cultures beliefs and expectations with the outside world helps us grow socially. Through socializing and integration can also increase our net worth in the outside world. We need to incorporate all these skills are key to our success journeys.

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