Living an Active and Helpful Life: My Journey From Young Age to High School - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-10


From a young age, I was quite active and helpful around the house. I would help my family around the house, doing several chores each day, and taking care of my younger siblings. I had a younger brother and sister, who both looked up to me and followed my lead. In school, I was always involved in sports. I was part of the athletics team that regularly represented the school in various competitions. In academics, I usually performed very well, and my high point in high school was my high school leaving certificate.

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I completed high school at the age of eighteen years old and, after that, joined the Ethiopian navy. I was involved in several missions and operations while in the navy. I served for eight years, and at the age of twenty-six, I left. I then joined Ethiopian airlines as an air marshal. Some of my duties included ensuring the safety of passengers in the plane, handling emergencies during flight or in the airport, provide airport security, and many others. During this period, I flew around the world, traveling to West Africa, New York, Europe, and Asia.

At twenty-nine years old, I left Ethiopia for good and went to Greece. Here I got a job as a Seaman in Athens where I would maintain, sanitize, safe keep, and repair equipment used in the dock. I was also responsible for the general cleaning of the decks. At the same time, I joined the British Marketing College in Athens and graduated with a marketing diploma. I then got a chance to come to the United States in the year 1979. I got a job as a grocery manager and worked there for eight years until 1987.

At thirty-nine, I went back to college. I attended the University of Memphis to study psychology, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1992. After that, I applied to work in the sheriff police department, where I got a job to work in a mental health hospital as a crisis counselor. Here, I taught about drugs, alcohol abuse, life skills, and stress management. I would help those people in need of my services, especially drug addicts who were trying to become clean. I would also advise young people, especially teenagers, who were at a high risk of being influenced by drug abuse. I would often teach them on the numerous effects of using drugs. I also taught life skills mostly to the younger generation and gave guidance. People came to me too for help with stress management. Finally, I got promoted to the position of the program supervisor.

At the age of sixty-five years old, I retired from the Shelby office, having felt I have played my role in helping out the community. I am currently sixty-nine living as a retired person in my own house. I never married, and therefore I have no children. My life has been a long one, and I feel quite satisfied with it. I was able to travel around the world as an air marshal. I also got the privilege to live in three different countries where I have interacted with different cultures. I have met a lot of people along the way, and It has indeed been a satisfying journey.

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