Narrative Essay on About Myself

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Date:  2022-03-13


I have been excited about the prospect of gaining new and exciting experiences in college for a long time. My ideas and knowledge about life in institutions of higher learning revolve around tales shared by friends. I am aware of the benefits of securing an opportunity to pursue learning in a university setting. For instance, I believe that the education will equip me with unique skills and traits that will further my ambition and career goals. Despite my excitement about what college offers, I am apprehensive of what my experience as a freshman will entail. While I am a little nervous about my first year, I remain hopeful for a successful college experience.

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I am scared about the kind of roommate that I will have. I fear that I may get stuck in a room with a person who is hostile or unhygienic. I am also worried that forming a meaningful and respectful relationship with a new colleague may take time. I understand that it is essential to get along with fellow occupants in accommodation facilities offered by the institution. Forming healthy relationships with others is vital since college is an excellent avenue for building lifelong friendships. However, the fear that we may not agree on some issues makes me apprehensive of freshman year. For instance, I dread disagreements over issues such as noise levels.

Whenever I visit a new place, I am anxious about making new friends. I am afraid that a college setting will heighten my anxiety. The student population in such an institution is usually diverse. Learners come from different social, economic, and political backgrounds. As a result, every individual has a unique set of characteristics that distinguish them from others. The diversity will make it more challenging for me to carefully select whom I want to associate with and for what reasons. My anxiety stems from the belief that people have different motives and intentions. It makes me hold back from forming friendships due to doubts over people's aims. Thus, it is difficult for me to interact freely with others when in a new environment.

I am nervous about the task of taking responsibility for my affairs as I acclimatize to the new way of life. One of my primary concerns during freshman is managing funds to cover all the costs a new student incurs. While the purpose of the setting is to challenge individuals to grow up, failure to prepare adequately can result in more problems. Therefore, college is an excellent time to learn about the management of resources. Besides personal finance issues, I am scared about organizing my schedules to create time for extracurricular activities. I understand that the priority is academics, but I am also interested in diversifying into other exercises.


Overall, I look forward to an exciting college experience despite my fears of life as a freshman. I am eager to have a productive time and acquire education and skills that will enable me to achieve my goals in life. Regardless of my enthusiasm, I have uncertainties that make me dread the experience that awaits me. For instance, I am worried about whether I will get a good-hearted roommate with whom we will get along well. Apart from doubts about the kind of relationship we will nurture, I am anxious about creating new and productive friendships with other peers in the institution. I am also concerned about taking full responsibility for myself. However, I am hopeful for a wonderful college experience.

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