Teacher Induction Program Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20


Prairie Rose Induction for New Teachers (PRINT) is the program is ultimately believed to be a teacher induction program that will help in facilitating the transition regarding new teachers into their profession by providing a structure that ensuring collegial support for both veteran and new teachers in Alberta, Canada. Significantly, the systems aim to offer collegial support for the teachers experiencing a change in the cultural environment, type of assignments and grade level (Taylor, 2013). It is evident that this induction program is based on exemplary teaching exercises hence providing a better understanding of the student and adult learning. Moreover, the program also ensures that there is a professional environment supporting both inquiry and collaboration environment in the school.

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Notably, it is evident that the induction program is very comprehensive because it includes eight various components which include Summer Induction Program, four afternoon sessions during the year, mentorship, online classroom management course, classroom demonstration and model classrooms, graduation, a structure for networking and a favorable climate and support (Kang & Berliner, 2012). SIP is a significant component in the PRINT because it focuses on improving three parts for teachers at a different level. For instance, all new teachers should report to school there days earlier before students arriving. This is pretty substantial because it will help the teachers to prepare for setting up the school routines and procedures. Second years teachers were going for an internship in the school, on the other hand, should report to school for two full days before students arriving to ensure covering the seven habits of a highly effective people.

Recommendations for Change

Even though the PRINT program is one of the best teacher induction, it is essential to learn that some aspects should be taken into consideration to provide the teachers with broad experience for teaching and also for professional development. These changes should be based on three categories of teachers. These include teachers taking the induction program, new teachers to the district and for veteran teachers who are new to the community in Alberta. For the new teachers undertaking the entire process of induction should be welcomed for dinner by the chamber of commerce that takes one or two weeks before school opening. Moreover, curriculum coordinators should also overseer the activities through the whole 3-year process.

Moreover, school-based curriculum teachers should work with the new teachers many times. Lastly, the program should provide provisions for networking among the new teachers. The entire change focuses on engaging in school or whole-school restructuring (Taylor, 2013). Moreover, it will provide teachers with collaboration skills, action research, community participation, authentic assessment, and data-driven decision making.

For the new change for the teachers new to the district needs to provide a welcome center providing them with the help of settling in the new community. Moreover, the difference should also focus on giving bus tour to the community. Notably, these changes will play an important role to get new teachers acclimated to the school's culture and procedures (Kang & Berliner, 2012). Moreover, the change will also help the new teachers in the district to settle in their professional environment as well as understanding their responsibilities.

Lastly, veteran teachers new to the district should be separated from induction training for the experienced teachers new to the community. The change portrays a unique program that focuses on addressing the specific context of the district and school based on the particular needs of the teachers.


Kang, S., & Berliner, D. C. (2012). Characteristics of teacher induction programs and turnover rates of beginning teachers. Teacher Educator, 47(4), 268-282.

Taylor, J. L. (2013). The power of resilience: A theoretical model to empower, encourage, and retain teachers. The Qualitative Report, 18(70), 1-25

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