Violence in Video Games Effect on Children Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-11

Electronic devices called video games require interaction from the user's face. This allows for visual feedback. Video games can be played on handheld devices or mainframe computers.

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Video games were first created in the mid-20th century. Today, they are immensely popular and the entertainment industry that makes them has expanded exponentially.

Video games can have both positive as well as negative effects on consumers. This paper will examine how exposure to violent games can have significant negative effects on children's education, aggression, and creativity.

Recent debates have been heated about children's aggressiveness due to their exposure to videogames. Video games are full of violence. It is estimated that over 85% of games have some violence, and about half of all video games involve serious violent actions (Carnagey Anderson Bushman 489).

The majority of video games are E rated, meaning that they can be sold to all children from 6 years old. However, the games are considered violent by their parents. This is a problem for the youths as it exposes them to violence through video games.

Children who are exposed to violent video games show increased aggression, aggressive cognitions, and aggressive behavior. They also have a higher tendency to be aggressive, as well as psychologically arousal, as well as an increase in antisocial behavior. Additionally, children who are exposed to violence in video games can experience desensitization - "a decrease in emotion-related physiological reaction to real violence" (Carnagey and al 490).

Children may become accustomed to violence and believe it is normal. Children may react to violence differently to the first clip. However, they will not be as anxious if they are shown another violent clip. This can cause children to be less responsive to actual violence, which is dangerous.

Children are exposed to violence through video games in a positive way. This is done with exciting sounds and beautiful visual effects that reward violent actions. This reduces physiological arousal, such as the heart rate. This eventually leads to desensitization. Children who are sensitive to violence will be less likely notice it or sympathize with the victims.

They are less likely to be hostile towards violence, and believe that the world is dangerous and therefore need violence to protect themselves. Because they perceive injury less clearly, such children are less likely not to seek help in cases of violence. These children are also more likely to be aggressive and unleash violence against other children at school.

Children spend a lot of time playing videogames, which can negatively impact their school performance. They spend a lot of their time playing video games, at the expense of schoolwork. This is particularly true for children who struggle with schoolwork.

Even if they fail, they prefer to play videogames over homework. They turn to video games for a little bit of success, such as killing the villain and getting rewarded with music, sounds and points. Children who start playing video games young are more likely to experience a negative impact on their education.

Children become obsessed with video games, and lose focus on schoolwork. Children's education is also affected by video games. They will spend more time talking about their video game heroes than discussing things that can help them improve their academics.

While some children are able to recall all aspects of video games, others may struggle to remember basic science or mathematical concepts that were taught in class. Children who play video games for a long time may not get enough sleep, which can lead to a lack of concentration in class. They may not grasp the material taught by their teachers and this can hinder their education growth.

Lower grades on school exams and tests are the best evidence. Some scholars, however, argue that video games can be beneficial for children because they improve cognitive and motor skills. This is because "skills acquired during game play may be applied to instructional settings" ( Vorderer & Bryant 336).

Children's creativity has been hampered by video games. Children spend most of their time playing video games on computers. Instead of engaging in creative activities that could improve their cognitive abilities, they engage in shooting, killing, and kidnapping.

They are not able to interact with their environment, or play with their peers (Lakhanpal 1). This environment allows children to learn and develop their interpersonal skills. However, being glued to your video games all day can hinder this (Lankhanpal 1).

Video games, on the other hand, offer children virtual worlds in which they can learn leadership skills. These skills are similar to those needed in real life. Children have the opportunity to learn these skills by taking on roles. A child might take on the role of a policeman in the game to learn more about police officers. The games mimic social structures (Kiefabar 1).


Parents are responsible for monitoring their children's gaming habits. Exposed to too many games can have more negative than positive effects. Protect your children from the harmful effects of video games.

As they wouldn't allow their children watch X-rated movies, so should they ban children from playing games with a lot violence disguised as cartoon characters. A regulated, violence-free video game is just like a healthy diet that keeps your child healthy and prevents illness.

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