Student Observing a Bus Paper Example

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Wordcount:  1400 Words
Date:  2022-11-06

The bus was set to depart from Moreland to the next stop; Brunswick East. At 7:30 in the morning, Moreland was already crowded by American citizens ready to engage in their various occupations. The weather was chilly, so every passenger was longing to board the next bus that stops. At Moreland, everyone was unbothered about what other people were doing as they waited for the long-awaited bus. The stage had people that wished to reach the different seven stages. The vastness of Melbourne City seemed to struggle in the transportation of the residents. The seats in the bus were structured in a way that passengers faced each other. A pole positioned horizontally along the bus was present to support passengers that were not lucky to grab seats. The unlucky passengers stood next to each other, facing different sides but left some space for each one of them to turn freely. The morning did not seem too pleased to most passengers; everyone concentrated on sitting to get to their various destinations. The bus still seemed slightly new, assuming that the vehicle has not been on the route for too long. The driver was alert, checking every vehicle that came towards and past the bus. He observed how people conducted themselves in the coach; meaning that he probably owned the bus. The passengers in the bus were well groomed for the cold weather to avoid the common morning flu. Some business premises at the moment had already been opened. At the back of the bus was an emergency door present in case an accident occurred along the route.

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The scent in the bus was still fresh; it was still early in the morning when every passenger is a few hours away from having freshened to get to the different occupations. Also, the temperature in the bus was still cold probably because it was a few hours away from being cleaned at the carwash. The bus stereo played smooth classic music that set everyone in the mood for the start of the busy day. A small screen on the right side of the driver indicated the next stop, Brunswick East. A tracker, just below the steering wheel was present to track the movement of the vehicle. The progress of the bus was being monitored at the main terminus of the bus. The purpose of having the tracker was to alert the awaiting passengers from the different stops that a public service vehicle is approaching. The driver made a far-fetched break every time he approached traffic lights to observe the current road sign. It was clear that he avoided a ticket in every possible way. Upon nearing a sharp corner, the driver slowed down to avoid crashing with vehicles coming from the opposite direction. People from various religious practices, ethnic groups, and social classes were forced to unite in the same means of transport before getting to their plans for the day. Some people seemed unbothered by the congestion in the bus as it was fully occupied to accommodate everyone that was in a hurry. A few minutes away from departure at Moreland, every passenger was involved in a distracting activity; observing the trees and the outside vicinity, texting on the phone, taking pictures, having a nap, staring at other people, responding to calls, listening to music, going through social media, reading the morning newspaper, and others talking to their seat partners. In the same bus, some fatigued people from the previous night's clubbing slept after alerting the seat partners of their destinations. The passengers that had stood while getting support from the pole of the bus had no choice but to look forward to where the bus was heading. After every passenger had settled, tickets were collected by the driver's assistant.

The conversations on the bus were regulated. The first stage, Brunswick East was about 10 minutes away from Moreland. Passengers that were to alight from the first stop had already grouped themselves near the door. People that had already made conversations and were to alight at Brunswick East had already wished their seat partners a beautiful day ahead. A minute away from the stage, a soft sound alerted the passengers on the nearing stop. Some passengers with the intentions of alighting from the stop were seated. It was clear that they were caught up in engaging conversations, were distracted, or were last minute people. It was funny to see that the last minute passengers seemed to be in a hurry than the people that had already grouped at the door of the bus. The vehicle slowed as it approached the stage and once it stopped, the driver honked. This was a chance for the alighting passengers to get off the bus. After the people came off the bus, more passengers came in with the intention of alighting at the various stages from the route that the bus tours.

After everyone got a position; on the seat or a hand on the pole, the bus honked as the doors closed as it left for the next stop, Carlton. A few minutes later, the ticket collector went to the new passengers that just boarded. The bus, at the moment, was a little noisy. Two mothers with suckling toddlers seemed to breastfeed their babies as they cried out. The toddlers became silent immediately they started sucking, assuming that they are probably hungry. A group of musicians also alighted at Brunswick East with various musical instruments. The group was a little noisy as they planned for their next line of concerts. The musicians could try their tones just before they got to their practice session. On the left side of the bus, a Priest sat just after boarding from the first stop. He went through the scriptures and contemplated about the word. He did not seem too distracted to observe other passengers or checking his phone. In fact, most middle-aged passengers were not regularly going through social media to check on current updates. The speed of the vehicle was moderate, making it clear that the driver followed the state laws. The bus was also properly maintained, indicating that the driver is an individual that values the vehicle business he involved himself. People in the bus indulged in different conversations; some were insisting how they would make it at work in time, musicians urged their managers to wait for them for their practice, while the Priest talked about the summon and the values indicated in the Bible. As the bus was nearing Melbourne City, passengers that had to alight regrouped at the door again to alight at the station. The bus, just as it did in when it neared Brunswick East, started slowing down. Many of the passengers were not going to their workplaces since the normal business working time was past 9.

Past the City, a few passengers boarded the bus to the rest of the stations in Melbourne Route. A couple went straight to the two corner seats at the back of the bus; where two passengers had just alighted the vehicle. The teenage girl and boy were romancing at the end, not minding what activities the rest of the people in the bus involved themselves. From this station, students boarded as they headed to Melbourne High School. Some of the pupils were from Melbourne Junior School. The lucky ones were accommodated by the never-minding passengers that had grabbed seats. The tall students stood along the rest of the passengers that supported themselves on the pole. From Melbourne City, too many passengers had luggage with them. Some people placed them from the exterior points of the bus while others came in with the light ones and put them over the shelves from the top of the seats. At the last end, a project management employee came in with a laptop. He went through most of his projects and corrected some of the errors that he was instructed to change.


As the bus went through Prahran, Armadale, and Malvern, most of the incidences were the same. The ticket collector only waited until the passengers had settled. For the passengers who were not lucky to grab seats, the pole was in the middle of the bus to support them. The rest of the journey was a success; without a ticket from the police, zero accidents, and minimal disturbance from the passengers that boarded at all stations on Melbourne route.

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