Paper Example on Retired Army Major David Johnson - 70 Years & Counting!

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Date:  2023-03-02

The number of old people within our society has been steadily increasing over the years because of the improved healthcare that has resulted in an increase in the life span. Today I shall be talking my neighbor David Johnson a retired army major who just turned 70 in October. David is a valued man who is well known within the neighborhood as a man of integrity and in many instances advocate for the strict following of the government laws.

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David Johnson is married to a beautiful lady by the name Diana who is 15 years young than her. They both have three children, two of whom are now adults and the younger one who is in high school. He was in Brooklyn NewYork, and his love for the community has not pushed him to relocate to the other parts of the country despite the opportunity having worked in various parts of the nation. The man worked in the military for 30 years before retiring. During this period, he engaged in many military activities that earned him accolades from the top military personnel. In his career, he also engaged in operations within and outside the nation being secretive; he prefers not to talk much about what he did or where he was posted. He retired in 2005 at 55 and was very much eager to come back to as a normal citizen having been under strict instruction for all those years. Even though I did not attend his retirement party I got to know of it from friends and photos, which he jovially shared with me when I paid him a visit. Despite being a military man he able to deal with people well and make them comfortable in his presence, unlike other officers within the neighborhood who served in the military.

One of the things that retried major Johnson enjoys doing is giving motivational speech sand taking part in community activities that empower the people. In every gathering, he always finds time to come and talk to the people on how they should approach certain issues. In the community over the few years he has been there he has been able to change the lives of many youths through his speeches in various gatherings within the neighborhood.

He has partnered with the various organization within the neighborhood to enable him to encourage many members within the community who might be in problems. Being a former military man Johnson is easily recognized by the state agencies. In certain instance he is even requested to become an ambassador but being in retirement he prefers to stick within the Brooklyn neighborhood where he can easily get back home to his wife.

On matters relating to people, David Johnson is an excellent individual who can easily relate with his people. He is on various occasions while not doing public activities. He enjoys his time with his wife, where they take walks around the neighborhood greeting the people. Across the neighborhood he is a very valued member who is always sought for whenever there is conflict that requires an arbitrator. Johnson is also a darling of the kids, and many of the children can be seen embracing whenever he strolling within the neighborhood. His colleagues also always find time to come and visits him because of the blossoming friendship they had while at the military.

In the military, the officer often risks their lives to protect the legally of the country. The American nation through its military focus on ensuring the flag is protected while also lives of people are put into consideration. In his view the experiences he has had in foreign countries have influenced a lot about his life. He is on many explaining how the American children are very lucky and that they should take pride in their country because other nation doesn't get such opportunities.

David Johnson, just like other veterans have some health problems, although his problems are not that chronic. The retired military has experienced some quite of heal loss and his limbs, something quite some challenges given the fact that he loves to stroll around the neighborhood. Old age also comes with its other health problem, and for a seventy-year-old like Johnson his health has not failed him that much as he can still engage in major activities within the community ("Veterans and Military Health: MedlinePlus," 2019).

The life of David Johnson since retiring has changed quite a bit, with him now focusing more on improving his health and those around him. He has however changed his lifestyle to suit the needs of his health by focusing on eating healthy and nagging in activities that improve the quality of his life. With his wife around and still very supportive, Johnson says he is not in any way looking forward to moving to a nursing home. The family of the retired army major usually keeps tabs with him and is always will to take care of him in this period.

David Johnson feels extremely good about getting, and this explains why he is always eager to share words of wisdom with the young generation. In his many public lectures within the community forums he emphasizes being patient while working hard to achieve the desired results. He also emphasizes a lot that we should not take for granted the things we have as a community and a nation at large.

His many years in the military and the many experiences of life events are what he believes have contributed to his wisdom. The military teaches one to be very obedient and patient at all times even when one is in pain. Dealing with the seniors and the juniors within the military impacted him, and he learned a lot about people as individuals and as a group. Handling various issues within the family level also benefited him in many ways as he now got the knowledge on how to deal with various problems at the family level. In the field he also learned on crucial decision-making techniques and as such gained knowledge on how to handle peers and neighbors in the community.

In life, David Johnson would like everyone to celebrate their life each and every day regardless the issue they might be facing. He also urges patience among the young because, with time, thing will get better. Another important thing they highlight is the importance of keeping family close and showing them lots of love. Everyone will get at some point, and when their body fails them it is their immediate family members that will genuinely protect and care. Many of the young people are still impatient and don't seem to follow the advice from these elderly people who have managed to live for many decades.


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