Successful Implementation of Health Information Technology: Reports, Methodologies & Lessons Learned

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Date:  2023-01-09

The rising number of organizations that are applying health information technology, thus moving to more vigorous information systems like computer-based order entry and medical decision support. There are increasing pressure and incentives to install and use systems to boost the quality of health care and patient safety and the increasing number of reports about system execution methodologies, the success and the lesson learned. Implementation of successful use of health information technology depends on the following factors; first, the consistency of the HIT system used. The health care information system chosen should be consistent to support the strategic objectives, goals, and priorities of the health organization (Bourke, 2013). The statistic demonstrates that in 1996 about 35% of organizations did not have a HIT strategic plan and that value decreased up to 8% in 2002. Today probably all organization has put in place HIT strategic plan since computer different functions especially in hospitals for tasks like tracking records for patients and managing cost (Jones, Rudin, Perry & Shekelle, 2014). Successful implementation of HIT should be consistent and integrated with the organization strategic plan.

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Secondly, the alignment of HIT and organization strategy- the technology should align with the organizational strategy to solve issues such as the location of the organization, what the organization does its products, methods of production and the market for such products (Bourke, 2013). For instance, the information system used in hospitals should indicate the services offered like when to offer such services and the kind of patient to receive the services. Moreover, the implementation of the HIT system in an organization should focus on well-developed HIT infrastructure, architecture and policies. Implementation of a successful HIT system should concentrate on areas such as computer servers, mobile devices, and security of the system, networks, storage and backups among others (Jones, Rudin, Perry & Shekelle, 2014). Finally, organizational factors also affect the implementation of the HIT system thus; the organization should have better facilities to have access to skilled employees who can understand the workflow and the possible limitations of the HIT system to the organization. Employees, who are able to choose the right information system, integrate a new system with available systems and databases.


Bourke, M. K. (2013). Strategy and architecture of health care information systems. Springer Science & Business Media.

Jones, S. S., Rudin, R. S., Perry, T., & Shekelle, P. G. (2014). Health information technology: an updated systematic review with a focus on meaningful use. Annals of internal medicine, 160(1), 48-54.

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