The Future of Politics in Quebec and what this means for Canada essay

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Date:  2022-12-06

On February 15, Honorable Jean-Marc Fournier who is the former minister responsible for the relations of the Canadian Francophonie and Canadian relations, Honorable Fournier was also the Government House Leader, held a workshop whose main aim was to make sense of the Quebec elections on the future of the elections which will be held in Canada. The workshop also looked at the elections of the province of Quebec and the role that the parties played in the outcome of the elections in the province.

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In the workshop, the participants tried to find ways through which the results of the Quebec elections made sense for the whole of Canada. From the discussions in the workshop, the thing which was clear was that the autonomy of Quebec had not disappeared from the agenda of the electorate entirely, there are several underlying factors which could make it resurface shortly (Stevens et al., 2018). Some of the crucial questions which need to be answered to find the meaning of the politics of Quebec for Canada include; What options do the political parties in the province have for the short-term elections? And, what are the realities that the political parties in the province face which makes them have a sense for the future of the entire country? How will this impact the outcome of the next elections and what are the strategies that the parties have put together so that they can handle the challenges that they face?

The way of thinking and operations of the members of the Canadian society has always been changing for a long time; this has led to the shrinking of the space of convergence for people with different identities. The convener of the workshop honorable Fournier created a portrait which portrayed the misconceptions and the misunderstandings that exist between the people and voting patterns in the province of Quebec and those of the whole country. The portrait also looked at the differences which exist regionally as well as the similarities which exist in the regions. Honorable Fournier also presented how new polarization has been taking place throughout the county. This presents the different changes which are being experienced throughout the country. With the emergence of the new polarizations, the differences in the regions have been increasing, this means that the elections in Quebec might not make a lot of sense in the future elections of the Canadian society. The polarizations might also mean that the similarities between the different regions increases and that the Quebec elections reflect the way the future elections of the Canadian society will be determined. However, there is a challenge in finding ways through which the differences which exist in the various regions can be handled. Finding proper ways of handling these issues means that more time for discussion has to be created and also a common ground for discussion has to be found. There is also need to find the challenges that need to be addressed and the way that different professionals can help in finding solutions for these challenges. Apart from the help received from the professionals, we need to outline the role of the media in defining or opening up space for the workshops seeking to find solutions to be held.


Stevens, B. A., Islam, M. M., de Geus, R., Goldberg, J., McAndrews, J. R., Mierke-Zatwarnicki, A., ... & Rubenson, D. (2018). Local Candidate Effects in Canadian Elections. Canadian Journal of Political Science/Revue canadienne de science politique, 1-14.

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