Inquiry Methods in Aircraft Accidents Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-04


The method of inquiry used in the case dealing with the aircraft accident involves the aspects of the 5Ws and the how. These 5Ws are who, why, where, what, and when. In this case, there are two separate categories of the inquiry method that can be used in the reconstruction of the past. These methods are the criminal and the historian investigator techniques. Other significant techniques could include the aspects that discover the creation of the new knowledge required by the scientist. The techniques to be utilized by FAA are significant in the reconstruction of both the present and the past (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). The criminal investigators use the methods in the collection of the evidence through the application of the geography, statistics, criminalistics, computer technology, forensic medicine, and geology in the process of obtaining solutions to the crimes in one way or the other.

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Based on the area to be covered in the investigations that was over 800 square miles, it is significant to note that the same methods are used to aid the investigator in the process of forming a hypothesis of what exactly took place or happened during the criminal offence. The method applied to ascertain issues levied by Malta trading company against the airline utilized in the linking of the correlation between the two crimes. The outcomes of the inquiry would be used to help in proving or disapproving whether the hypothesis in the cases hold any water. For instance, an investor could be trying to reconstruct a case where there was a break in, but nothing was taken from the premise. After the process of examining the scene of crime, the investigator will easily form the hypothesis from the expansive area covered by the aircraft explaining why the accident did not place earlier enough (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). Immediately after utilizing the methods available for use, the investigator will then have his or her theory either approved or even disapproved.

Steps in case Reconstruction

The issue under scrutiny involves two main subject that are the airline firm and Malta trading company. However, the pharmaceutical firm also has a role to play in this case. Therefore, the steps used in the reconstruction of cases always involve the scientific methods and technologies. The scientific method in this case is often applied to the criminal investigation that would aim at stating the problem, and then followed by the formation of the hypothesis. The collection of information would then come next just before the process of drawing conclusions on the case. The problem identification involves the processing of the type of the crime committed and the jurisdiction in which the crime could have taken place. The hypothesis involves the crosschecking of the persons from which the crime could have emanated from and this implies the suspects to the case (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). These data are obtained from the witnesses and also the victim where possible.

The gathering of the scientific and physical evidence can also be obtained through the process of collecting information regarding the physical address, employment place, and other necessary information such as the vehicle used by the suspect and the victim under the case. This gesture helps in the process of detecting the problems. The investigator then makes the assumptions of the cause and manner of the crime in place. Based on the nature of the accident covering two opposing views in the development of the entire program, the investigator then recreates the crime scene to help in gathering any additional and significant information to aid in the finding of the solution to the problem (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). It is significant utilize the facts collected from the scene of crime to help in forming the hypothesis as what may have happened and by which person. For this case, the accident requires a detailed excursion on the mental status of the pilot and the manner in which the accident occurred.

Importance of Crime Reconstruction

As in the case of such aircraft accidents, crime reconstruction helps in bringing both the investigator and the other stakeholders to a common concept with clear mindsets. This mindset helps in the provision of a clear foresight that would be significant in the availing of the evidence in the case being investigated (Osterburg & Ward, 2013). It then helps in clearing the issues linked to suspicion in the case by piecing together the different and separate forms of information found in the crime scene.


Osterburg, J. W., & Ward, R. H. (2013). Criminal investigation: A method for reconstructing the past. Routledge.

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