Stance Essay Example: Media and Young Minds

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Date:  2022-11-09

In present-day life, digital media is developing fast. It is utilized by numerous individuals all over the world increasing young children's access to technological devices. Access to digital media is particularly exceptionally well known among the youthful. In any case, there are numerous infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who cannot control themselves and are dependent on digital media. Addiction to media technology has numerous serious impacts, counting destitute study habits, living absent from reality and poor health especially obesity and posture issues. As communication innovations and platforms continue to development and advance, the digital media is progressively getting to be a more compelling factor in present-day society. It may be an effective device that includes a strong effect on the population as an entirety and especially on the more young children. In present-day society, the mass media has the capacity to shape both the opinions and positions of the more infants and toddlers among children below six years who are more inquisitive and can more effortlessly be affected. This will not as it made unused societies, but can moreover change ways of life to a few levels by forming opinions and positions. This paper will examine the three major influences that media has on the younger generations and their impacts in supporting the articulation The digital media contains an awesome impact on individuals and particularly on toddlers and infants. It plays a critical part in forming the opinions and positions of youthful individuals.

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Nowadays, advertisements have incredible control to affect minds and make unused habits among the younger generations. Huge parts of their lives are associated with promotions through different shapes of media such as mobile phones, radio, movies, and magazines. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2016), television, commercials, and mobile phones among other technological devices acting as promoters attempt to target young children by concentrating on modern items with extraordinary features. Using this technological device helps in creating advertisements which are familiar with the standard of living so gatherings of people don't realize they are observing commercials and making them lose the capacity to recognize between reality and the publicizing that they are observing each day. More recently, with the improvement of more distant coming to stages of mass media, the thousands of messages approximately idealize the body pictures displayed on blurbs and on television appears have re-shaped opinions on what is the perfect body shape for toddlers and infants.

The rates of obesity in infants and toddlers have nearly tripled within the last quarter century. Approximately 20 percent of young children are presently overweight with weight rates in preschool age children expanding at disturbing speed. The effect of nourishment promoting on childhood weight has been related to technological access (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016). Although the part of promoting in cutting edge society is irrefutable since it is utilized to both present modern items to the open and is the briefest way to propel utilization, it is by and large accepted that promotions have results on people's intellect, particularly on the more youthful eras since promotions, for the most part, have continuously overstated the truth, moreover changed the suppositions and positions of youthful people. In later times, social organizing locales have ended up more prevalent than ever, they moreover straightforwardly effect on the conduct of individuals, especially on youths in what way as they decide how to put through each other and how to regard their connections.

One item of the mass media that's a huge impact on the youth is music, which profoundly influences the ways of life of youngsters, the controlling of feelings and building up an identity on individuals. In an advanced society, there are numerous advances such as iPhone, iPod which can viably interface the youth to music where they go. It is accepted that the young children tune in to music and video whereas they are eating, considering and resting. Hence, music appears to play an extraordinary part in forming their suppositions and positions. The blast of music recordings on YouTube brings youthful individuals to an unused design culture when they tend to duplicate pictures of their icons (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016).


In conclusion, modern society has made a major digital media revolution with the assistance of the accessibility of all the unused innovations accessible such as TVs, magazine, music, social media and the web. This has given the mass media a massive control in impacting the discernments and ways of life of the more youthful individuals. It might indeed be expressed that the recognition and ways of life of the more youthful eras are for the most part impacted by the data given by the numerous shapes of media, as they look based all choices from the data given on the web. The web is utilized for logical data, entertainment, and interfacing companions. The thoughts and sees from the web are more often than not determined from the masses, so they have both positive and negative, but youthful individuals are given the choice to see and accept what is of esteem to them. Therefore, they ought to select the foremost fitting approach in arrange to induce the finest esteem that the mass media are contributing to human.


American Academy of Pediatrics, (2016). Council on Communications and Media. Media and Young Minds. Pediatrics. 2016; 138(5) DOI: 10.1542/peds.2016-2591

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