A Childhood Dream Fulfilled: Essay Sample on My Journey to Becoming a Nurse

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Date:  2023-03-16

I have desired to become a professional nurse since my childhood. I first learned about the nursing profession when I was at a primary school level, and whenever I was asked about my career prospects, I would always say that I wanted to be a nurse and help others. I also wanted to pursue a career that is not only rewarding but also makes a difference in the lives of other people. My passion in helping others feel better, especially during challenging times, has always motivated me to pursue a nursing career. I feel good offering emotional support to others, and I perceive it as a source of blessings in my life. Throughout my educational journey, I have been fascinated by how nurses are critical in helping people to survive life-threatening situations. The efforts of these professionals in serving humanity have inspired me to be part of them. The devotion of nurses in treating patients and caring for people during tragedies like accidents honestly give me inner peace and also motivate me to enroll in a Nursing Program.

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Nursing provides endless learning opportunities, and I believe it is the most suitable career for me because I love gaining new knowledge. So, I consider being a nurse as an achievement of my life goal that I have nurtured throughout my educational journey. Every day discharging duties as a nurse brings on new learning opportunities and a constant challenge in the life of the nursing professionals. Such unlimited opportunities for growth have always enhanced my urge to become a nurse. Besides, I enjoy working in an environment that requires multidisciplinary collaboration and where people combine their efforts in solving problems. Nurses get an opportunity to interact with administrators, medical staff, patients, and doctors. Collaboration between these professionals enables nurses to learn from people from different careers. This phenomenon inspires me to become a nurse that offers unsurpassed help to patients.

I want to become a nurse because I possess the requisite skills that will enable me to succeed in my future professional practices. While in school, I nurtured critical attributes that nurses should possess because it has been my dream to be one of them. I believe I have problem-solving skills, communication skills, creativity skills, and interpersonal skills that will enhance my chances of success in a nursing school. Besides, I have nurtured personal attributes like empathy, flexibility, compassionate care, and emotional stability that every nurse should have

My strong passion and interest in nursing make me a suitable candidate for a Nursing Program. I have interacted with many nurses, and this situation has enabled me to gain more insights into the nursing profession and critical issues during training. During my teenage years, I used to go to nursing homes where we could train to sing Christmas songs with my friends. My teacher was then a nurse who used to play the violin, and her humility gave me great satisfaction. I saw how nurses were dedicated, committed, and focused on their demanding work, and I wish to do the same. I enjoyed interacting with these professionals, and I learned a lot about the experiences and challenges of being a nurse. The enthusiasm that I derived by interacting with nurses has been a motivation and a driving force to become one.

I want to join the nursing profession because it has been my dream to become a proponent for the patients. What motivates me in this profession is that it has several specializations to consider. In this regard, nursing professionals can work in different establishments, including hospitals, educational institutions, and government institutions, among other facilities. So, nurses have the freedom to work in healthcare specialty and environments that suits them best. These specializations motivate me to become a patient advocate. I am determined to explore my potentials, expertise, academic talents, and skills to make the world a better place to live after school. I keenly look forward to the demands of the Nursing Program.

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