Steel Fitness Company Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27

Business Name and Location

Steel Fitness is a full-service gym in Jacksonville operated as a limited liability company in Florida. The standalone facility located at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Osceola Street overlooks the iconic Bell Riverside Apartments. The gym operates under the Steel Fitness Limited is a private run company under two directors myself and Jackson Muller - the professional trainer. I assume the managing director role with my partner overseeing the service delivery portfolio.

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Steel Fitness Centre started as a partnership structure in 2016. It would convert into a private limited liability after consulting the attorney over the structure viability. The mid-2017 conversion into a private company to limit the liability we may incur as individuals. Besides, it offers superior personal liability limited to the assets (Reuting, 2014). The company structure gives it greater access to additional capital and court equipment leasing companies (Mancuso, 2016). It befits the fixed site arrangement to optimize the asset protection. The article of association permits ownership transfer through simple share.


Since December 2017, we mutually agreed to embark on setting up two independent companies. One would own the plant equipment, internal systems, intellectual property and furniture while the other one operating the actual fitness business. The conclusion of the set-up in December 2018 will allow the holding company to license its items to the operating entity. The operating entity will assume the present structure of holding contracts with clients and staff. The separation of the business and assets would limit the litigation risk.

Company Products and Services

Steel Fitness operates as a pure fitness center with a blend of studio and gym space. The preliminary studio located on the ground floor accommodates designated group workouts including boot camp, cross-fit classes, circuits and Zumba classes. It features a holistic studio being a serene space that seeks the integration of body, mind, and soul through yoga sessions. It has a separate invigorating theatrical studio fit with the lively music. The gym area occupies the front and center areas of the second floor fully fitted with ultramodern machines and striders. The addition of latest fitness accessories offers a sufficient match for the members working out individually. New members workout under the cross supervision of qualified trainers. The retail store occupies the end stocking pure fitness apparel.

Steel Fitness offers three subscriptions for the elite memberships comprising three months, six-month medium and annual product. It extends weekly and fortnight packages for the temporary residents. The primary products offer discounted benefits through each tailored to suit the member's requirements. Steel Fitness seeks to launch the circuit training program by acquiring the Milon machines. The inclusion of smart technology system targets providing endurance training package comprising guided and recorded work out.

The addition of water bike features individualized aqua-physiotherapeutic cycling system fifteen with sixteen hydro-powered massage jets to eliminate cellulite. Steel Fitness operates under a result-driven culture within and beyond its walls. Its twenty-four-hour access aligns with its mission to change lives and ensure members realize their potential. As such, the fitness center allows members to choose from focused or mix and match packages in group products and personalized training under one-on-one staffed classes.


The receipt of expanded funding is necessary to realize its expansion objectives. Additional capital will fund the expansion of existing facilities and engagement of more training staff since the $500,000 jointly obtained from the family, and leased equipment is insufficient. The fitness center targets to relinquish the current ties with equipment owners who have restricted use of rival brands in the lounge.


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