Essay Sample on Role of Communication in Marketing Strategy

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Date:  2022-12-22

Communication is one of the essential tools in the development of the marketing strategy as well as the execution campaign for Microsoft to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be used in education across Canada. When conducting communication, various objectives have to be attained. One of the communication objectives that has to be achieved in this situation is to create awareness. Communication should make the students as well as the educational institutions aware of the Microsoft AI program to increase its usage (Csikosova, Antosova, & Culkova, 2014). According to Patti, Hartley, & van Dessel (2017), the second communication objective that has to be achieved is to impart knowledge to the students as well as the educational institutions. This objective will ensure that every stakeholder gets to know how to use Microsoft AI to improve education practices in Canada. The third objective of communication is to stimulate a desire among the students and educational institution (Parente, & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson 2014). This desire will ensure that the students, as well as the educational institutions, develop an interest to use the Microsoft AI program. As a result of the interest, these parties will acquire Microsoft AI and start using it. The other communication objective is to shape the attitudes of people. Communicating with the student's and education will help to shape their attitude positively so that they will like micro soft AI services.

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Different media can be employed to help in the marketing strategy as well as the execution campaign of the Microsoft AI program. However, the best media that can be used to carry out this campaign is the internet. The internet has a high number of users including students as well as the educational institution (Hallback, & Gabrielsson, 2013). Most of these individual use the internet daily to undertake various activities. Therefore, using this channel for this marketing and execution campaign will help it to reach many people because of the time that they spend on the internet. For example, as students will be researching their work on the internet, they might come across this program being advertised. This program might catch their attention, and they will develop an interest in using Microsoft AI. Also, the educational institution might come across this advertisement regarding Microsoft AI as they are posting certain details about their activities. Using this media for advertisement is appropriate because it is one of the cheapest methods. This channel does not involve many materials to produce it. The main activity is to create the advertisement that will create awareness and inform the intended audience of the service being provided to ensure then upload it to the interest.

The second channel that can be used to market the execution of this campaign is the use of print media such as newspapers, book, and magazines (Borland, & Lindgreen, 2013). Almost all the students and educational institutions in Canada have access to these types of print media. Therefore, when this campaign is done over the print media, there is a high chance that the targeted group will come across it. This media will help the students and educational institutions to be aware of the AI program. This knowledge that they have gotten will help them to develop the desire or the interest of using the Microsoft AI program. As much as the channel of executing the campaign might be costly especially towards the production of the print material, there is Return on Investment guarantee as for the books, newspaper and magazines will make the campaign be known, and these students and education institutions will seek the services.


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