Sports: Essential for Students' Development and Future Goals - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-28


Sports is an essential activity for most of the people around the world, being an integral part of their daily life. For some students, sports have served as the opener towards their future goals. They are essential as they not only bring unity, but they have also lately drawn a lot of attention from all sides of the world. Therefore, they should be considered as a significant point of influence and should be given priority in the school curriculum as they provide the students with a chance to improve the physical wellbeing of their bodies. This article looks on how coaches play a vital role in instilling character education to their student-athletes.

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To provide character education to the student-athletes, coaches must be excellent communicators. Coaching is about communicating to a person how best to achieve the goals and objectives. Coaching entails mainly instilling them the skills required to succeed in a chosen sport, improving their talents as well as preparing them for competition. Sports instruction depends on the ability to relate to each player in a team, putting into consideration the player's attributes. In addition, there must be respect and trust between the coach and athletes for coaching to be effective. It is, therefore, crucial for the coach to develop and maintain a productive working relationship with the players. Further, a coach's philosophy, which relies more on their culture and values has a lot of bearing considering that coaches influence the quality of an athlete's experience and in this way can motivate or demoralize an athlete in pursuing their dreams (Kidman and Hanrahan 56). The coach should not always expect his/her students to win but should focus on being a good mentor to them so that they can be highly inspired and motivated. They should recognize that mistakes are important and unavoidable part of learning. Therefore, they should foster an environment where players do not fear making mistakes.

Coaches can also provide character education to their student-athletes by inspiring confidence to them. Research shows that poor self-esteem can be very detrimental and particularly for student-athletes (Power and Seroczynski 87). Depression, anxiety, and loneliness are some of the signs related to poor self-esteem. Effective coaches would therefore assist their students in realizing their potential hence inspiring a positive self-esteem to them. Through team sports, student-athletes have a chance of developing emotional control as well as self-confidence, which motivates them to believe in themselves (Power and Seroczynski 87). It would also be important that coaches emphasize the significance of hard work. Successful athletes ought to put a lot of hard work during the game. They must make every effort to be their best off the field just as much as on the field.


In conclusion, sports ensure that students access all-rounded education at the same time addressing the needs of the body, spirit, and mind. An effective coaching structure in devising learning methods should focus more on the athlete's personal and physical attributes along with their mental capacity to carry out tasks. This should be in relation to the type of information that the athlete is supposed to detect and interpret in the course of performing tasks, the choices they must make, and the ability to execute technique, tact and mental skills related with the sport processes. This way, the coach can get feedback on the effectiveness of the learning methods they are implementing by asking themselves questions based on the athlete's process execution.

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