Essay Sample on Extracurricular Involvement and GPA

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Date:  2022-03-11


There exist several perceptions concerning extracurricular involvement and the students GPA. Irrespective, it depends on how a student handles the two sectors. Both are part of learning but the academic level has much weight than these activities. Extracurricular activities are a portion of everyday student's life. Even though some other people underrate this aspect, it plays a significant role in someone's life. Various researches have been done over the same and different people come up with a diverse view of the aspect. Some statistics claim that the extracurricular events affect the GPA while other shows that the extracurricular events are totally different from Academic performance

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Most results revealed that those who participate in subsidiary events tend to have much better GPA than others. This is because the time spent in participating in these activities does not affect the time that could be used in class work. Moreover, passing exams is not all about spending all your time in books. A little break is important as it refreshes mind ready for better learning. Reading and learning are totally different aspects and most of the people fail to differentiate the two. If you spend some quality time to read and understand is much better than spending more than 12 hours going through books. Furthermore, research shows that students in the school were much satisfied with extracurricular events provided.

The principal objective of the extracurricular activities was to emphasize on each student personal level, community level as well as institutional level. Subsequently, it has influenced the students in a positive way. Through this, the student has grown emotionally, socially, intellectually as well as inter-personal development. By working with others, students learn on how to manage time and conflict, negotiate, lead, and also communicate their views in the most preferred way. Besides, it helps in critical thinking and most importantly the intellectual competence. Social maturity is the ultimate impact of outside classroom engagements. This is possible through discussion, interaction and the relationship development.

On the other side, students gain autonomy and self-confidence by been appreciated by others for performing well on such activities. Once appreciated, they will also learn to thank and congratulate others when they have done them good or perform well pretty anywhere. Many authors have discussed the positive impact of extracurricular activities, particularly in high school level. Moreover, it has greatly reduced the school dropping. This is because apart from boring class work, students find other meaningful things to participate themselves in. For this reason, the extracurricular plays the most significant role in boosting student's level of academics. Subsequently, most students have got a chance to complete their studies.

Most noteworthy, the Extracurricular Involvement has influenced the behavior of students. Through these activities, they learn how to conduct themselves in presence of other people. They have gain experience about the outside world by relating to other students, especially from different schools. Consequently, they grow up responsible people ready for societal engagements. The investigation sought to explain this aspect from the cultural capital approach. It further explores the inter-generational that not only shapes on how students coordinate the resources but also the capacity to participate.

Some of the studies that involve about 219 senior students show that athletic participation did not affect the students class Work. Instead, it teaches them the benefit of working hard for their own advantage in future. Other research was concerned about 123 students who played the interscholastic soccer. Similarly, it shows that the extracurricular does not interfere with one's academic. In high school, it is hard for teachers to train other in extracurricular while other fellow students are in class. There is always time for everything. During games time, players would play while the rest are either watching or resting somewhere.

Furthermore, other research reveals that extracurricular activities increase the attachment of students to school. As a result, students will love to stay in school for long. This translates to better performance leading to more and more success to that particular student. Most students under research were sample randomly to represent the whole lot of students. Most data reveals that those supplementary events outside class work have a positive impact on student performance level. However, some research shows otherwise.


To conclude, the extracurricular Involvement is much essential in school. Most research clearly outlines that outside classroom work has greatly boosted students' performance through various means. By changing the behavior of an individual, they get to understand one's purpose in school. Successively, the students will concentrate on academics which lead to better performance among them. Additionally, if a student knows that he/she have to participate in other games besides class work, they will utilize their time while in the classroom doing assignments, reading and exercising. All there is to advise students to plan their time well while in school. Parents should be much aware that students cannot just stay in class without experiencing the outside world.

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