Should Children Carry Cellphones in School? Essay

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Date:  2022-07-03

Various schools have different rules concerning the use and carrying cellphones devices. Besides, most schools allow students to bring their cellphone but ensure they switch them off during class time. It is evident that many are times that student's abuse such rules. There are many positive and negative reasons associated with carrying cellphones to school. The important aspect is looking at the results and weighing them with student's education and performance in mind. Therefore, I think schools should not permit children to carry mobile phones in their premises. Carrying cellphones to school causes more harm than gain on a student's performance.

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During class time, all students need to have full concentration on what the teacher is teaching. Alternatively, having a cellphone in class destructs a student's attention. It takes the mind away from the continuing lesson. As well, when an experience is annoying, it is effortless for students to sneak out their phones and start chatting, browsing or playing games. When this happens, they lose concentration entirely and miss out of essential facts taught. As a result, those individuals that did not grasp crucial aspects in a lesson end up performing poorly in exams. For instance, students cannot find everything in a course workbook, other times teachers use life experiences and example to make learners understand different concepts in learning. Thus, unless a student pays complete attention and listens in class, it can be challenging to follow alone

When students do not pay attention to class and lack of revision, they end up having a hard time during the exam period. Regarding the fact that social media and the internet are always available and accessible through smartphones; learners get tempted to cheat on schoolwork. Cheating during an exam or an assessment is unacceptable because it is unfair. For example, learners can send answers through chat groups on social media or discuss questions and cheat. Additionally, they can research online for answers on the internet. Accessibility of mobile phones allows such indiscipline behaviors in schools. In addition, when a person gets away with cheating for the first time, he or she will do it again. Consequently, such students lie to teachers, parent and themselves. They are the kind of people who have high grades on paper but cannot deliver in the market because their knowledge and skills are weak.

Ultimately, the other reason is anti-cyberbullying highly exercised by students who carry cellphones to school. Currently, the rate of online bullying cases has increased tremendously. For instants, the use of apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and messengers allows an individual to take an instant photo, make a comment and share it with others. Allowing mobile phones in school promotes cases of cyber buying which can result in depression, low self-esteem, and even suicides. Some scholars like to seek attention by bullying others through the internet. They make hash comments, insults and other discriminative aspects that affect another person's life altogether. As well, the online-bullied students can decide to get back by doing more damage than the one experienced hence leading to disasters. Cyberbullying takes a lot of time from students who should be concentrating on studies instead. As a result, they perform poorly in term paper exams and get lower grades.


Definitively, having a cellphone in school has both positive and negative impacts on students. The critical reason learners go to school is to get education, knowledge, skills and become elites in the society. Availability of cellphones during class time leads to lack of attention, promotes cheating in exams and encourages cyberbullying activities. Ultimately, the academic performance of such students deteriorates with time.

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