Free Paper on Becoming an Ideal Teacher: Igniting Creativity and Imagination

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Date:  2023-11-18


For ages, I have had a burning desire to be a teacher, guide students through the various challenging aspects of life not only in the field of education but also those that define an ideal member of a society like creativity, and exceptional morale standards. Ideally, teaching is a reward associated with a deep passion for inspiring the concept of learning in a student's mind. As such, I firmly believe that an ideal teacher should prioritize building hope, and igniting creativity and imagination within the learners, all of whom cannot be possible without a teaching philosophy. The philosophy dictates a teacher's core belief about teaching, with a crucial mission statement that centers on exciting, rejuvenating and most essentially instilling values in the students.

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Undoubtedly, a teacher conceptualizes teaching philosophy depending on his or her perspective on how to effectively and efficiently handle the students. According to the pragmatism approach, a teacher should mirror the true definition of a friend and a guiding reference to the students. I believe that adopting the idea of pragmatism will enable me to integrate my immense past teaching experience with my current experiences to form a more insightful and constructive teaching philosophy that will generate a positive impact on my students.

My Teaching Philosophy and How I Plan to Implement It in Class.

I acknowledge that as a teacher, I must ensure there exists a conducive atmosphere within the classroom that is accessible and welcoming. This means that the classroom should be a place where the students feel comfortable and appreciated. Furthermore, given that, virtually every class forms a unique community due to the various students from all walks of life with distinct backgrounds and capabilities, my primary role as a teacher will be aiding the students in discovering their potential, and molding them into something they will be proud of in the future. However, the journey of leading every student into self-discovery means that as a teacher, I must be able to consistently change and implement the teaching styles that meet the needs of every child within the classroom. Thus, I will develop a curriculum that entails multiple learning styles and carefully select content that are relevant to what the children are experiencing in their daily lives. Moreover, I will incorporate cooperative learning, projects, hands-on learning, individual work, and themes to ensure that the students are significantly engaged and that the learning sessions are practical and enjoyable. Ideally, I desire to train my students to be open-minded and have a positive attitude towards the tasks they face within society. Being a teacher, I believe that society expects me to instil discipline, diligence, and consistency in the children with the hope that the children ultimately achieve inspiration and encouragement to pursue their dreams.

Thorough preparation for a lesson is crucial and not only dictates how learners comprehend and apply the information from the classroom to solve problems but also their motivation to learn and enjoy the lessons. Consequently, I believe that being enthusiastic about learning materials, even when the students are not, dramatically assists in fostering meaningful learning. In this case, I will be acting as both a cheerleader and a coach in the classroom, pointing out the good and bad in every student in the most sincere manner possible while carefully applying constructive criticism. Also, I must be open and ready to deal with diverse ideas and opinions, but careful enough to set the required standards within the classroom to encourage students to trust and respect one another. Nonetheless, I believe that being a teacher makes one a lifelong learner; hence I plan to participate in numerous workshops and conferences with other teachers to facilitate the exchange of ideas and concepts on the recent methods on how to engage students in constructive teaching. The up-to-date methods of learning, such as the use of videos in the classrooms make learning interesting and improves the students’ memories through the painting of lasting impressions in the students’ mind.

The ability to comprehend the benefits of motivation and peer-to-peer interaction in learning defines a perfect teacher. As a teacher, I consistently want my students to achieve the best past their ordinary expectations; thus, I avoid categorizing them according to their abilities or encouraging them to compete against each other. Instead, I encourage them to interact with one another freely, this helps the weaker students learn from those students who understand what they do not. I highly believe that most learning is achieved through constant meaningful social interactions. As such, I structure my sessions in a way that allows the learners to productively cooperate and collaborate with their peers during a significant portion of the sessions. The peer-to-peer interactions create an ample platform for the learners to remain actively involved throughout the lesson as they carry out constructive discussions throughout the sessions. Nevertheless, the interactions help in building self-confidence in the students while simultaneously perfecting communication and interaction skills.


In a nutshell, teaching is a noble profession, and it requires one to be more than just willing to educate. A perfect teacher should be able to mirror the nobility of the profession, inspire, and cultivate the virtue of love, and self-confidence in a student. Above all, utilize personal philosophies that are meaningful and beneficial to the students. It is my dream that I make not only a respectable teacher but also a teacher who positively impacts the students to go for their dreams.

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