Paper Example on Teaching Process and Success: Critical Reflections on Student-Centred Approach

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Date:  2023-01-26


"Teaching Research Method Using a Student-Centred Approach? Critical Reflections on Practice," enhances teaching process and success. The article used fifty participants from various learning institutions; learners, teacher and educational professionals to examine the teaching method (Shaaban, 2018). The researcher collected various pertinent and demographic information from the participant and used student-centered teaching approach to measure credibility during the evaluation process.

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Significance Study

The study noted that tutors or teachers use student centered approaches to make leading interactive and the entire teaching session enjoyable.

Purpose of Study and Research Question

The inception of this teaching method, examines the impact of the nature of communication, type of the learning content, quality of assessment, and the central focus in achieving exemplary teaching methods (O'Flaherty & Phillips, 2015). What are the significant effects of student-centered teaching approach to teachers and learners in the generalizability of results?

Data Collection Method

Using sampling method, the researcher deduced that the use of constructivism encompasses a more comprehensive array of understanding various theories in learning (McMullan, 2016). The method runs through common threads and the values that are intended to be passed across multiple principals. This article also reiterates that both researchers and professionals apply a given teaching method to analyses their subjects, variables, data collection, setting, and experimental manipulation.

Outcomes, Findings and Reflection

The research findings reveal that approximately eighty percent of teaching methods use various array of educational concepts to make learning (Wieman & Welsh, 2016). A shift towards student-centered teaching method and learning encompasses various changes within the learning environment (Bieg et al., 2017). Teaching methods are thus subject to change. Overall, the methods give learning an opportunity to have a close relationship with researchers.


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Wieman, C., & Welsh, A. (2016). The connection between teaching methods and attribution errors. Educational Psychology Review, 28(3), 645-648.

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