Self-Awareness Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-10

What are my Strengths?

I ultimately believe that life is a learning process. Thus, identifying our strength can help us become better in whatever we choose to pursue. Knowing yourself and the things that you can do best can help you accomplish your goals in life as well as help you overcome your weaknesses (Drucker, 2008). One of my greatest strengths is that I am a well-organized person. Throughout my life, I have developed the habit of writing down the things that I want to accomplish starting with the ones that are of high priority to the least important. In this way, I have always met my targets before the due deadline. Also, I have a diary where I record the various events and transactions that I have undertaken throughout the day. The diary also includes a calendar that indicates my future appointments.

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The other strength that I pride to possess is being a quick learner. I learn new things quickly. I get inspirations to challenge myself with new things, especially those that I find meaningful in my life. For instance, as sales manager, I have found myself venturing further to understand my client's needs. I also like motivating people. I help them identify their purpose in life. I have visited many orphanages firm to motivate and encourage young kids who feel deserted and hopeless in their lives. Moreover, my personality is also another factor that I believe motivates many people. For example, I like wearing fitting trendy clothes and many people have admired my attires to the extent of requesting me to show them where I purchase them. I ardently believe that these strengths are integral in helping me become a successful person.

How do I Work?

Moreover, it is arguable that individual performance is dependent on how good that person is in performing that particular task. Drucker mentions that people achieve results by leveraging their best performing practices; in this case, their strengths. One crucial element of understanding how an individual performs is to understand how he or she learns (Cairo & Dotlich, 2017). I learn through meditating and listening to my inner voice. This helps me to reflect on the best strategy to espouse to achieve a certain goal. Indeed, this has seen me perform excellently especially as a team leader. Through self-reflection, I find myself gaining insights on how to motivate fellow team members. This has being pivotal in helping me effectively delegate duties to the team members. For instance, I make sure that each team player is motivated to accomplish the assigned task. This helps me to focus on attaining the larger objective. Besides, I motivate them to accomplish their tasks in due time. Thus, learning through mediation and self-reflection on the importance of motiving team members has been a key ingredient in influencing my performance.

What are my Values?

According to Drucker (2008), a successful person is cognizant of his strengths, the method he uses in his work, and most importantly his values. Thus, we should not compromise my values at the expense of earning fame or wealth (Rokeach, 2008). I value helping others achieve their dreams. The inspiration behind this is to see myself being an integral member of our society. Every day, I envisage being someone who contributes to the wellbeing of humanity. In this regards, the things that I value most include motivating young people, embracing equality, family, and respecting human life. These values help me make important decisions in my life.

Where Do I Belong?

I am well-organized and a quick learner person. These traits help me in selling and marketing products in many ways. I like to make sure that my clients are well informed about the product and that my sales team members offer the best possible service. Moreover, I ensure that I know everything that relates to the products that are sold so that I can answer any question that clients may raise to the level of their satisfaction. Moreover, I am motivated to make sure that the company I with has a competitive edge in the market.

How can contribute?

I intend to double the sales record in the next two years. To achieve this, I plan to leverage my strength of motivating sales team members. I will introduce a culture of rewarding and promoting the best sales employees. I will use the employee performance appraisal to assess the performance level of each employee. This will help in identifying areas that an employee needs to improve.


The concept of self-awareness is one that I find been integral in positively impacting my job performance. This is because I have a deep understanding of my strengths as afore-highlighted. Besides, am cognizant of the factors that drive me to perform excellently in my practice. What is more, this component of emotional intelligence is essential since it helps the individual understands the needs of the customers including offering quality products at an affordable price (Goleman, 2004). For instance, I find it being relevant in my profession since it will help me address all customer demands. Overall, I believe that being self-aware will help me make informed decisions based on my values.


All in all, this discussion underpins the overarching need for all professionals to cultivate a deep understanding of themselves.


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