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Date:  2021-03-25

During the course of the class, the primary lesson of negotiations that I have learned is that it yields better results. Moreover, I have come to learn the necessity of compromise as a negotiation skill. Most importantly, I have learned that to employ compromise as a negotiation skill, I have to set genuine expectations in my demands and allow the other party to make their claim. As well, I have learned avoidance is a skill that considers conflict as a negative factor in the process of negotiations. Again, I am now aware that avoidance works best if the negotiation process will not affect the associations between the parties. For instance, in one of my short essays, I talked about the conflict between Apple and Samsung. I examined the accusations of both parties and found that the two companies can resolve their issues through negotiations. More so, I am now aware that personal attributes, gender, and the styles of communication can have an impact on the preparation of negotiations. Largely, during the course, I have come to know that time and resources are mandatory for any successful negotiations.

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Furthermore, the primary lesson that I have learned about myself during the course of the class is to calm down and try to listen to other people's point. I have come to understand that the process of negotiation is a learning process. I now know that I have to incorporate discipline, consistency, and relentlessness during the negotiation method. Even so, I now have no problem to get out of my comfort zone and engage in a negotiation setting. I have used skills such as avoidance to settle disputes between my colleagues and me. I feel that I have learned a lot about this class and myself, for example, I have learned to value the new friendships that I make in class and avoid unnecessary conflicts. More to the point, I have learned that it is okay to redefine my expectations. I have learned not to stress myself too much on classwork, and instead, take some time off to relax and get back when my mind is at ease. In general, I know my style of learning and use it to my advantage when I need to learn new things.

The goals that I had set during the course of the class were realistic. One of my goals for the class was to make a new friend. My second goal was to utilize negotiation skills during the entire process. My third goal was to keep up with the class readings. As per now, I have only managed to meet the first two goals that I had set. The goal that I still have a problem to meet is to keep up with the class readings. The reason is that sometimes I have a lot of homework to do and by the time I am through, I forget to read the classroom notes. However, I plan to work on my schedule in a way that I can set a specific time for homework, and one to review my notes.

The positive aspect that I discovered during the semester is to remain optimistic in everything that I do. I have discovered that confidence, hope, and enthusiasm will help me in academics and extra-curricular activities. The power of optimism helps to build relationships and maintain the overall well-being. On the other hand, the negative aspect discovered during the semester is the too much homework. Sometimes it is always hard for me to finish the assignments and create time for my personal studies. In summary, I usually take systematic steps to ensure that I become successful in every element of my college experience.

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