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Date:  2022-07-21


Body image is a significant psychological factor that affects individuals especially the young people. The two sources that I identified to promote healthy and unhealthy body images are the Brazier's article on the MedicalNewsToday's website and Well's article in the Psychology Today's website. Brazier (2017), tries to give an explanation of body image and the ways of improving the body image. In this regard, the body image is an individual's emotional perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes of their own body. Therefore, body image is psychological and extends above the physical perception of an individual about his or her body. Nevertheless, it strongly has influences on behaviour. The article provides the differences between the positive and negative body images. Healthy body image refers to a clear and true perception of body appearance and shape thus individuals with positive body image are happy, accept and feel good about their body and appearance. Unhealthy body image, on the other hand, occurs when an individual view his or her body as inadequate and such persons may feel embarrassed, ashamed, awkward and uncomfortable in their body.

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Well (2018), explains the cause, symptoms and treatment of body image disorders. It is worth to note that distorted body image is unrealistic view of an individual to his or her body. The perceptions of the body's functionality, attractiveness, acceptability, and health form during early childhood and continues with age especially because of feedback from family members, peers and coaches.

The two articles provide a valuable information on healthy and unhealthy body images that are vital for the teens. For instance, the teens receive information about the sources of negative body image. According to Brazier (2017), a person's body image can be influenced by the family members, peers and media. They can make individuals to believe that there is existence of an ideal body. The teens learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of negative body image. Moreover, the teens get to learn the methods of improving the body image thus it becomes easy for the teen to manage or treat negative body image.

Body image issues has psychological effects since it is emotional and mental. The perception of unhealthy body image can lead to anxiety and depression. Negative body image, especially during the early age, can result to more complex mental health issues such as personality disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders (Brausch & Gutierrez, 2009). Notably, some individuals develops the body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which is characterized by negative view of the body due to the body image issues (Brazier, 2017). BDD can make a person to ask for cosmetic surgery and engage in unsafe weight-loss habits as a way of correcting some body parts perceived to be unideal. Negative body image usually worsens due to mental health issues thus creating a vicious cycle which is difficult to eliminate.


It is usually perceived that females are more likely to be dissatisfied with their bodies than males during adolescent. For instance, 80 percent of girls aged 10 year are afraid of being fat according to the data from the National Eating Disorder Association. However, studies reveals that males also have concerns with their appearance. One report reveals that 95% of male college students are not happy about some aspects of their bodies (Brazier, 2017). Males also suffers negative body image issues like females although they tend to be more quite about their discomforts.


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