Essay Sample on Women Depression

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Date:  2022-10-20


Depression is a long run effect of mental harassment faced by women. Women become depressed due to lots of stress in their relationship. Undermining is one of abuse that women face that cause depression since they always in fear of either a divorce or being left by their partners. Threats and insults also trigger depression since one cannot get peace of mind. Mental harassment leads to Post Traumatic Stress where women fall most victims due to the abuse they undergo from their partners. Blaming may cause one to lose self-value and suffer from stress. Name calling can be explicit making a woman to be traumatized due to the hurtful words. Women undergoing mental harassment not only suffer mentally but also physically (Shanley, 1993). Mental abuse causes migraines, headaches, chronic pain, and indigestion. Constant stress leads to a state of depression where one develops eating disorders and gastric issues. These forms of harassments to women subjected by their partners are inhuman due to its effects. Such acts that lead to mental harassment in a conjugal relationship are therefore regarded as being crim9nal offenses as depicted by family law attorneys.

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In conclusion, a criminal offense is an unlawful act. From the legal sense, harassment is an injustice subjected to someone by another. Mental harassment in a conjugal relationship should be a criminal offense since it is inhumane how partners treat their women. Indeed, mental harassment in a conjugal relationship should be a criminal offense.


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