Role and Responsibilities in a Teaching Career Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-21


While growing up, I experienced difficulty in 'self-expression.' I lacked the vocabulary to express to other kids my thoughts and feelings. In many cases, there were cases of hitting and biting as a way of expressing frustration and anger. This was until 6 years old when I developed a sense of maturity enough to apply proper vocabulary. The support staff at my preparatory helped me discover appropriate words for my frustrations. The teaching strategy involved getting to my level to offer appropriate words to utilize. Nevertheless, I later realized that this was a behavior issue and it is normal among children trying to discover themselves in a classroom setting. The most appropriate technique a teacher can apply is to use patience! Behavior problems are things that learners gradually grow out of.

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Because of the desire to impact people's lives, I decided to take teaching as a profession. As a teacher, my aim was to impact on the education system through the provision of quality education services, thereby reducing the level of dropouts at all levels of learning. This requires the collective effort of all teachers dedicated to making a difference. The administrators have an impact at the legislative stage, but as a teacher, I believe I have a greater and direct impact on the learners. I have developed a principle of helping one learner at a time, but over time, I have a chance to coach thousands of learners through my teaching career. From the education qualification perspective, I started with Bsc. Energy management then registered for a master's degree in Energy and Environmental Management. This was followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). With all these at my disposal, I will be able to provide quality education services and positively contribute to the community. Teaching has been the most effective way of impacting society, and with the desire to help learners, I have made an inevitable impact on their lives.

At the moment, I am taking Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) "Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology which is aimed at integrating technology with teaching development. Previously, I worked at XXXXXXX College, London as a trainee teacher where I delivered a high level of BTEC business level 3 national and extended Diploma teachings, displayed effective teaching methods and implemented strategies that helped children achieve continuous improvement in their academic and social performance. As a trainee teacher, I also played a critical role in planning lessons, managing attendance records and monitoring students learning progress.

Current Role and Responsibilities

I have delivered a delivered a high level of BTEC Business Level 3 National and Extended Diploma teaching, demonstrated effective teaching method and engaged with unmotivated learners. This has been effective in understanding students learning weakness and customizing teaching strategies in line with their needs. I have been attending educational workshops and seminars on different teaching strategies. In my teaching sessions, I managed learners effectively and achieved high-quality standards.

My areas of focus as a teacher includes curriculum development, stakeholder management, lesson planning, and syllabus knowledge. I have managed to undertake the analysis, design, and selection of appropriate formation in implementing curriculums. The subjects that I have taught through my teaching profession includes business studies, education, and management teaching at different levels of learning. I employ teaching approaches that incorporate pupils from different backgrounds while instilling programs that reward and stimulate.

Through my teaching career, I have helped create a conducive environment for learners and fellow teachers both academically and socially because I believe this is the first step towards receiving and delivering quality service. I have liaised with parents in improving student performance, preparing periodic progress prior to giving the parents a detailed report on their children performance.

Motivation for Undertaking QTLs

Every teacher needs to take QTLs because it plays a critical role in improving teaching quality and assessment approaches through reflective practice. After this, I will be able to undertake a self-assessment and make a formal observation of my teaching. The reflection aspect of professional formation is important in achieving continuous improvement in a teaching career. Learners are encouraged to evaluate lessons/sessions because their voice is an effective tool that can be used in evaluating and reflecting on the impact a teacher has on their learning journey and ultimate career goals. QTLS facilitates openness to accommodate both teaching and learning needs in equal measures.

For many teachers, taking QTLs also helps in achieving a gradual change in a classroom setting; from being defensive on what happens in the classroom to seeking other avenues for peer observation and constructive response to improve their performance. This is fundamental in embracing cultural change factors and employing teaching approach that works for all.

Other than these, QTLS shows the teacher's level of commitment and knowledge which is fundamental in achieving the mission and vision of a school. There are valuable professional development aspects in it that build confidence and harness one's skills. If QTLs will help in dealing with challenging student behavior and build my confidence, then I aspire to work as hard as other teachers to improve.

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