Educator Preparation Reflection Essay

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Date:  2022-09-22

An educator is high skilled personnel because they are required to give appropriate guidance. It is their duty to help the young people grow and humanely find their way to adulthood. In this case, it is required that the educators develop a good relationship with the individuals they are educating and thus foster development which crosses to the section of psychology and rightful parenthood. Educator preparation is essential as it helps to build on professionalism and proficiency in offering their services.

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There are critical elements to educator preparation which include the strength to serve the community, learning the importance of shared leadership, getting an opportunity to develop knowledge for education, improving on skills, having an influence on identity and improving on practices that make them qualified for their profession (Greenhill, 2010). These are essential aspects of educator preparation as they help to emphasize on subject matter mastery as well as provide opportunities for educators to offer their services under supervision from experienced mentors who act as guides to the necessities.

Educator preparation is important, and the ideas mentioned above help them to get better more especially through educator preparation programs. Educators need to study comprehensively throughout the bachelors and master's program where they need to include subjects touching on psychology, English language learning among others. Educators are considered apprentice until they are able to meet the criteria for qualification terms where they are now ready to assume the mantle of an educator (Greenhill, 2010). Mentoring and coaching for educators are essential as it leads to their successful development. Most of the induction programs continue t offer opportunities to educators to learn the best practices and reflect on the education they offer. I find the induction programs beneficial as they provide full support for educators to advance in professionalism.

I have a strong belief that practicing the art and science of educating need not start with assignments given to students. Educators should be comfortable facilitating lessons in class without the help of an instructor who oversees their activities (Kosnik et al. 2011). There should be an ongoing professional development that helps educators prepare adequately for their activities in the classroom. Veteran educators need to be given opportunities where they can learn from each other. The importance of ongoing professional development is that it helps to keep the educators up-to-date regarding the new research on how children are supposed to learn which helps to emerging technology tools for use in the classroom. Educator preparation requires more development in skills that aid in classroom practices. An educator needs to develop the best professional progress which is ongoing, experiential, collaborative and also connected to and derived from the educators working with students and even understanding their culture.


Great educators help to create great students who ultimately benefit the community in many ways. The research suggests that when the educator is inspiring and informed, it forms the essential school-related factor that influences the achievements of students. Educators should be able to influence the success of the students, and this is only achieved by working tirelessly but first of all, there is a dire need for proper preparation. Thus, it is essential for training programs to pay attention to the methods they use to train these educators and how they offer support. Educator preparation is essential for every institution that offers teaching services.


Kosnik, C., Cleovoulou, Y., Fletcher, T., Harris, T., McGlynn-Stewart, M., & Beck, C. (2011). Becoming teacher educators: An innovative approach to teacher educator preparation. Journal of Education for Teaching, 37(3), 351-363.

Greenhill, V. (2010). 21st Century Knowledge and Skills in Educator Preparation. Partnership for 21st-century skills.

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