Vivid Dream: Scholarship to Join the Michigan State University Essay

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  563 Words
Date:  2022-02-17

I had just flown into the United States after securing a scholarship to join the Michigan State University. As I set foot on the foreign land, I felt a glimmer of hope since my hard work had provided an opportunity for me to acquire quality education in one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. I was bound to rub shoulders with some of the world's best brains, an exhilarating experience considering my modest background. Despite the myriad of activities that went on at the airport, I wheeled my luggage with purpose in the general direction that the passengers whom we were on the same flight were heading. After walking a moderate distance through the arrival corridors, we came to a point where scores of people waited for their guests. I managed to locate the unfazed middle-aged man with a placard written my name. We exchanged greetings and he led me to a cab that was waiting for a short distance from the area.

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The ride from the airport to my designated residence was lengthy because of the motionless traffic that marked the streets. After a whole hour of passing through traffic, we got to the students' residences where I met some friendly individuals that helped me with my luggage. They showed me my room which was going to be my home for the next four years and introduced me to my freshman roommate who also happened to be an international student from Africa. He was quite fluent and eloquent in his speaking despite coming from a country where English was not the first language. I also learned that he was also in the institution courtesy of the same scholarship program.

We then proceeded to the assembly hall where all new students were to be addressed by the school's leadership. Among the speakers was the immediate former President of the United State Barack Obama. He was sharp and succinct in his non-written speech and lauded students that were part of the scholarship program which he was a member. He also reminded us to remain focused on our studies and urged us to be responsible young leaders since the future was in our hands. His moving speech also touched on climate change and asked us to be champions of behavior change to protect the environment. When he finished, the whole room erupted with thunderous applause from the young audience that had been thoroughly motivated by his words.

Although the applause had subsided, there were still murmurs in the room as students scuffled to take a picture with their icon. The noises grew fainter and the site was starting to fade away. Then the noises I was hearing began to become clearer. I had dozed off on a gazebo in a city park where certain performers had conducted a flash mob and the people around were applauding them. My mind had certainly decided to take me several miles across the world and had me listen to an inspiring speech from one of the most influential people in the history of the world. I checked the time and I had had an exactly 40-minute nap. The dream had left me feeling lively and moved especially due to the hyper-realistic sensation it caused. I rose and hurriedly left the park to head back to the public library where I had been researching for a school project.

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