Recommendation on How to Improve Retention and Pass Rates for Online Courses at Online Richland College

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Date:  2022-07-01


In 2009, the College Board Fund researched the retention rates among online college students. Among the findings, it was identified that Online Richland College students did not perform adequately in social sciences and technical courses. Failing to score a minimum of a pass in their courses enhanced the retention and dropout levels of the students; therefore, reducing their chances to attain their degrees. This report illustrates the main issues affecting student performance in Social Science and Technical courses and at the same time proposes measures for solving the problems.

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Causes of High Failure Rates and retention in Social Science and Technical College Courses

Based on my research and observation the institute suffered a significant performance decline due to the following reasons

1. The institute did not offer lecturers/professors also known as coordinators full authority to introduce new programs that aided in implementing new advisory and teaching initiatives to students (Bramhall and Corker 4).

2. Also, with the lack of authority coordination, student engagement levels declined drastically since the management downsized the online courses budgetary scope (Bramhall and Corker 5).

3. It was clear that Online Richland College students lacked enough preparation for the education system.

4. The institution required adequate courses that matched the students' ideal career choice and profession.

5. Most of the students recorded poor progress due to lack of academic quality and demand.

6. There was inadequate social integration among peers, and insufficient support from the staff made students perform dismally (Bramhall and Corker 4).

7. With the increase in demand for online courses platform, the college has raised its tuition fees and other personal matters; therefore, discouraging students from enrolling and at the same time promoting the issue of dropouts (Bramhall and Corker 4).

Strategies to Increase Social Science and Technical Courses Success

To enhance on the improvement of the two courses, the school needs to implement outline for student responses through the means of projects, outline the staff experiences in various projects, and to introduce appropriate pre-entry data and preparation (Gillett-Swan 24).

Introducing Appropriate Pre-entry Data and Preparation

All the students will need to undertake a pre-entry access course since it considers matching students with various backgrounds with appropriate classes.

1. The backgrounds are classified according to three categories bearing the learning aims and objectives.

Students with no qualification

Students with outdated qualifications

Students with the aim of understanding how the college operates and the types of causes and programs offered.

2. Students eligible for admission, at least two years must have passed since they were enrolled in school.

Outline for Student Responses through the Means of Projects

Students must score an average of 7.5 marks out of 10 to the below inquiries

1. Students must answer their experience in every social science and technical courses. The elements will be used in grading their performance, interest, challenges, and excitement towards the courses.

2. Students will present their journey during the session, provide relevant information towards what they learned, how to improve their skill by implementing innovative abilities, and how their cooperation as teams has helped them gain a better understanding of the project.

Outline the Staff Experiences in Social Science and Technical Courses Projects

1. All tutors/professors will be involved in students' projects.

2. They will be required to take full authority of the programs and courses to assist implement necessary changes.

3. The Course Directors will learn more about the student's capabilities through conversation and interaction.

4. They will enhance students' idea integration into practical ideas and projects.

5. They will mentor, encourage, and support the students in all ways necessary.

6. The professors will be the mediator between students and the administration.

To enhance the retention and pass rates, the institute needs to implement the above methods to assist students to integrate and adapt the school norms and affected courses. The suggested guideline will help increase the graduation rates of Richland College since all students will be well acquainted with the school courses and how to select a technical course or social course that matches their ideal profession. In the case of any question, kindly contact me through <student email address>

Work Cited

Bramhall, Mike, and Chris Corker. Improving retention and the Curriculum Development Perspective: An evidence-based approach to improving transition, induction, and retention. Report. Birmingham: University of Birmingham: National HE STEM Programme, 2012. Print

Gillett-Swan, Jenna. "The Challenges of Online Learning: Supporting and Engaging the Isolated Learner." Journal of Learning Design (2017): 20-31. Print

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