The Reason Behind My Interest to Study Periodontics Essay

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Date:  2022-07-01

My interest to become a dentist is the concern for children, especially in the third world countries who suffer most due to poor dental care and hygiene. This has been contributed immensely by inadequate dentists and pathetic conditions that children live in as parents are ignorant and do not bother to improve the hygiene. Furthermore, the profession involves a lot of practical experience that I equally love. Also, negative peoples' perception and financial challenges that resultincompromised healthcare have attracted me to be a dentist.Furthermore, I desire to impact the lives of other people positively because this will bring respect to me and my profession.

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Although as afresh student, I do not have much experience in the field,senior graduates inform me that periodontics is asub-branch of dentistry that deals with gum diseases, prevention and cure that include gum grafting surgery and implant as well as the study of pathogens related to gums and soft tissues.

Various issues attracted me to this program. It is my passion to pursue this career of Periodontology. Indeed, it is the most interesting profession since it focuses on gum diseases and the general restoration of oral health. It was always my dream to help many people who suffer the gum and oral diseases since professionals in this field are few. Therefore, I will dedicate all my energy and skills to perform best.

I decided to choose this amazing university for some reasons. First, research projects and innovations in this campus are popular with all other universities. Secondly,the infrastructural development of this institution is superb right from classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, vast libraries with all research materials and well established recreational facilities. Also, I am attractedto the hospitality of the staff and student fraternity. Again, there are highly qualified professors and other staff members who have skills and knowledge that will help me achieve my ambition. This university is just superior to any other learning institution.

Hopefully,when I graduate, I want to replicate my skills in helpingvulnerable people. My major is to serve as a humanitarian around the world. Therefore, as a professional, I will fight for the betterment of people from every country since service to humanity is service to God. I will also run free dental camps for charity as well as improve some better dental health plans.

My major goals in life, first, to help people from a humble background who cannot meet dental care cost. Secondly, I aspire to run free dental camps to attend to the sick who cannot meet the cost of treatment. Additionally, doing more research on periodontal disease is another top priority as well as achieving cost-effective treatment for all. Finally, I aim to make the whole world a healthy and peaceful place to live.

I have participated in dental competitions twice and became position two in ranking.


As a student, I will champion for 'charity for orphans initiative' initiative that will enable a student from humble backgrounds and orphans study periodontics, regardless of their financial status. Furthermore, am focusing on organizing various free dental camps to create awareness of oral diseases and treatment. Finally, I look forward toparticipating and represent my college in basketball as my hobby.

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