Good Teacher, Good Learners: The Keys to Successful Teaching - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-21


Teaching is an important aspect of shaping the lives of students. It can be done well to satisfaction by a person who has a good intention to the learners. A good instructor has a will to put effort into the students by working hard and having a vast knowledge of the subject matter. The students as well will reciprocate the effort by achieving good grades. When a teacher likes his career, the learners will always be enthusiastic to acquire new skills. If teachers possess such characteristics, then they can become excellent role models for the students.

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The teacher I had showed tough love but was a very good educator. He modeled me into an awesome respiratory therapist today. He pushed me in areas that I would never see myself working in like neonatal and pediatrics. He would always encourage provide emotional support especially to these patients having complications of breathing (Byars et al., 2017). He taught me to have critical thinking in the event of an emergency (Alqarni, 2015). He would encourage me to be detail-oriented and responsible when administering to patients.

I once had a bad teacher who was not detailed. He would only state facts without further explanations. He never insisted on paying attention. He specifically could not describe the reason to use strict rules to make correct intuitive strategies (Thomas et al., 2016). The teacher could incorporate detrimental biases. The fact that he could make mistakes as novices when confronting unfamiliar problems that could suggest metacognitive strategies.


In conclusion, in a learning institution, a teacher should always encourage the students to work smart by setting high standards for the learner. He should possess the appropriate skills at all times. The ultimate goal of any teacher is to ensure a learner achieves better at the end of the set period. Executing new skills and passion in the work will always be the driving force in the career. Therefore all teachers should instill good values to their students at all times.


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