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The Ontario College of Nurses has been self-regulating over the years in the sense that there is much professionalism involved in the services offered. This ability has helped in the production of competent nurses who are able to put the interests of the public first before addressing their professional interests since the year 1963 ("What is CNO?", 2019). The concept of self-regulation has enabled the institution to function under its own set standards of health and thus guiding the health providers with a plan to follow in the line of duty. The Ontario nurses incorporate the concept of self- regulation in their activities at an individual level in the effort of developing career-wise. The Quality Assessment program is used as a method of evaluating the competence of health providers as well as testing their skills and ability to serve public interests before addressing professional interests. The skills, knowledge, and judgment of the members are evaluated through the QA program which is then followed by the recommended initiatives to improve the service provision. The program has also been set to benefit the health practitioners and nurses in the institution through a number of ways in the preparation for the first year of activities as registered nurses. The program is set to guide the nurses through the establishment of the plan which is supposed to dictate the necessary approaches to a number of situations. In addition, the program is supposed to assist the health providers to major in different departments where there are learning needs that should be resolved. Through employing the quality assurance program in the institution, there is the benefit of confidence among the public which is the focus of the institution. This is also promoted by the feedback given to both the institution and the members in relation to the service provided and creating the prompt of necessary analysis about the reports. The following paper, therefore, investigates self- regulation practices in the Ontario College of Nurses on the practitioners and its influence to the first year as registered nurses.

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Self-Regulation of RN Practice

As a registered nurse, it is crucial to value the response and feedback from the public as service to the public is a major concern of the whole course. This means that as a licensed nurse, it is important to ensure the regulation of the health practices in the effort of adhering to the public interest and at the same time improving the skill and knowledge of the individual (Roter, 2005). All the activities which contribute towards the achievement of the final goal of the practice are categorized as regulations. Safety and competency are the set objectives of the regulated practice for the health care providers in the effort of creating an ethically based environment. The government gives the nurses an opportunity to work under their own regulation without external interference. This is a measure employed to protect members of the public from possible harm resulting from the services provided by the nurses. The course of practice involves several activities within the set period of time and the activities directly involve the members of the public as they are first-hand beneficiaries from these services. As a result, self-regulation is the center of all the services provided in the institution. It is important to understand that the field of nursing involves special knowledge which is only known by the health practitioners (Yip, K. S. 2005). As a result, it might be hard if not impossible to create external bodies which are supposed to regulate the activities in the field. As a result, they are supposed to make their own regulations based upon the interests of the general public. It is therefore as a result of the program incorporation that the practitioners in the field are able to conduct their activities in an ethical manner. However, in situations where professional self-interest tends to cross lines with the public interest, then it is the responsibility of bodies such as CNO to act on the issue in favor of the public interest. The privilege of self-regulation might be taken away from the practitioners in the situation where there is a lack of professionalism in the RN's behavior. This is done by the institution thus favoring the interest of the general public. Also, there is the code of ethics which was developed to assists the practitioners in adhering to the program. The code of ethics has been based upon the standards that have been set by the institution as well as the limitations of the general public. This is what has been referred to as "professional conduct". As a nursing college, the institution is supposed to give recommendations to the practitioners for future references. The recommendation is based upon the ability to include professionalism in activities by the practitioners (Williams, B. 2001). The recommendations are also made based upon the evaluation from the recorded information from the practitioner-generated from close monitoring activities. The college is also supposed to set and ensure the monitoring of the regulations to be followed by the practitioners. The first year setting will be based on outpatient care facilities.

The setting of the First Year of RN Practice

The nursing field is inclusive of various settings where the practitioners are supposed to choose one of the domains and for the first year of RN practice, clinics and medical offices will be the focus. This domain is set to offer diagnosis and the relative medical treatment to the outdoor patients (Campbell, B., & Mackay, G. 2001). The domain is wide as there are many facilities which offer the above services and at the same time, several approaches are incorporated to deal with the number of situations which are presented on a daily routine. As a practitioner nurse, there are different responsibilities which are most likely to be issued to me and which are in line to the previous studies on the field. There are private as well as public facilities which offer the outdoor patient services and which are connected to the larger body of the healthcare system ("Self-Assessment", 2019). The clinics are commonly visited by the public members and are mostly busy dealing with common problems presented. As a result, there will be many encounters with the members of the public over a period of time at the facility. There are regulations which come along with the different facilities but for this course, I will have to create a referral to the self-regulation program from the college. This is part of learning and therefore, it accounts for the final report. Clinics are basically meant to offer solutions to the diseases and conditions brought forth by the people. Referrals have been made before to particular clinics that specialize in certain conditions and which include professional of the field. The main agenda of the clinics is to conveniently offer prescriptions and treatments to the patients who walk in with different health problems. This is entirely promoted by the health providers just like in my case who follow a code of conducting while handling the patients. I aim at understanding the field better through the practical bit of my source where I will have to handle different outpatients with varying problems that require particular means of approach.

The duration of nursing practice offers knowledge as well as the skill to incorporate in future advances. Through the evaluation process, it is possible to identify areas of strength and at the same time, identify learning needs. These needs are the areas that one is supposed to address in the nursing field. Through the practice, it is clear that oral expression must be involved while handling patients thus serving as a learning need. Oral expression is a basic requirement in the nursing field as it is the center for gathering the intended information from the patients. The concept is the facilitator of client-centeredness where the needs of the public are to be adhered to first. The practice issue at hand will be oral approaches to patients with the aim of making a collection of the intended information relating to their health problem. The first year as a registered nurse will involve the encounter with several patients with different attitudes and conditions, all which the practitioner is supposed to address. The first step of the treatment is the identification of the problem through the administration of tests as well as the accompanying information from the patient (Sidani, S., Irvine, D., & DiCenso, A. 2000). The information is supposed to create leads to the whole problem thus creating a channel to address the problem. Therefore as a practitioner, one is supposed to be in line with the facility's procedures used to approach the different types of patients. Throughout the practice, various academic sources, as well as the lessons from previous experiences, have contributed to the understanding of different diseases, treatment and diagnosis. For the first year, the focus is on outdoor patients.

Self-Reflection on Professional Practice

Nursing can be demanding at some point when as a practitioner one gets exposed to various clinical challenges as well as responsibility. This nature of the field, therefore, requires much commitment and willingness to offer clinical services efficiently. These are some of the lessons to understand through the studies in the field of nursing. Over the time of study at CNO one acquires both the knowledge as well as skill to handle actual cases in the future ("What is CNO?", 2019). Through the efficiency of the system at the institution, there is a well-regarded approach to nursing. The self-regulation program has helped one to understand better about the field of study and at the same time, it helps to build an ethical mind while approaching the nursing activities. The policy that drives all other activities in the institution helps as a reminder to stay on course as there are expectations from both the institution and the general public. The institution has an organized system of evaluation which involves issuing of theory and practical tests to the learners who then approach the situations according to their understanding.

Through understanding some weaknesses in the field of nursing, then planning for the first year will be done based on those areas. In addition, there are regular tests that are issued in the institution which are used in the evaluation process to evaluate progress (Bandura, A. 2005). The domain of outdoor patients involves dealing with large numbers of patients in a day suffering from different diseases and conditions. In order to tend to these patients, communication skills must be applied and in this case, patient-centeredness must be observed. The academic report shows high involvement in the team activities which is measured by the ability to function as a unit with the other practitioners. The knowledge and skill acquired from CNO examinations and evaluations will be very important for the next stage of learning.

Translation of the Practice Issue into a Learning Plan

The learning goal for the practice is to identify my level of oral expressions when dealing with outpatients. This learning goal is aimed at helping to improve my skills of client-centeredness before administering any treatment (Hurlock-Chorostecki, C., & Goodwin, S. 2008). The outcome of my activities should be greatly influenced by public policy. The goal is to be achieved in a period of two months. The comparison and analysis are to be drawn to identify the change in my oral expression over time. There are three strategies to be incorporated in order to achieve the intended goal. First, there is the need to train...

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