Public Accountant Personal Statement Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-08

To achieve personal and professional goals and lead a purpose-driven life, I have often had to think critically. In my career decision, making and problem-solving are some of the key skills required to execute most of the tasks. Decision-making and problem solving both involve critical thinking and applying theory in practice. Most of the tasks are grounded in the theory which means that I have to employ a wide range of theoretical underpinnings. For example, I am an accountant by profession and my career is has a lot of theoretical underpinning that guides the profession. There are theoretical frameworks of accounting, models, methods, and assumption that require me to think and apply theories in executing my duties.

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In my career, I have witnessed changes in the accounting policies and rules as well as accounting principles. I have had to adopt the changes in my career, but these changes require thinking to effectively reconcile the financial statements. I have been part of accounting teams that analyze different options and exercise sound judgments before making any decision. My career requires critical thinking and independent decision-making. In most occasions, I have had to make a professional decision without having to contact my bosses every time accounting problems arise. I have always had to critically analyze every accounting scenario and think before doing anything. There is intactness that the temptation to window dress accounting information to hide the company's poor performances. However, I also have to think about the opportunity and the privilege I have to present the accounting information in a professional manner.

My career requires excellent organizational skills, communication skills and passion for learning. I also have high personal standards which mean that I cannot accept information without questioning the validity and reliability of the source. Every time, I accept criticism as part of my learning curve. To be in a position to offer professional accounting advice, one has to be a critical thinker and a good learner

Maintaining and monitoring financial records requires reading and interpreting financial record. It means that I do not have to accept the financial record at face value but I have to scrutinize figures for probity before giving my professional opinion. There are state and federal regulations with which I must comply. The most outstanding example of thinking and do in my career is in relation to the preparation of the tax return. I always have to think and do by revising tax information and tax regulation before giving a recommendation to my clients. I also have to understand and use good accounting practices to be legally compliant. Accounting is the main area where fraud can be perpetrated and prevented. Therefore, I always have to think whether to allow fraud or prevent fraud in my place of work. I believe that there are a lot of accounting principles and framework that I must utilize un my work and stay faithful to these accounting rules have helped me remain in the professional and win accolade and recognition for my contribution in this noble profession.


The think and do philosophy has been my mantra throughout my career where using accounting information systems or manual accounting methods. As a public accountant, I am charged with maintaining accurate financial information for my clients. I have always had to ensure that I put my clients' interest and my profession before my personal goals and ambition. Therefore, the NC State University's motto of thinking and do coincide with my personal mantra of critical thinking, making an informed decision and taking appropriate actions

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